Sunday, August 28, 2011

Did Someone Say 64 Days Till Halloween?

 Changing leaves, Oh yes. That Autumn smell, bring it on. Halloween, Hell to the yes. I am so hyped up for Halloween this year, so excited that I am going to be a Halloween series! I don't think anyone understands how unnatural my obsession with Halloween is. Its pretty major too. All of the Halloween shows ever aired, I have watched them. The nightmare before Christmas, my favorite movie ever. All of the goofy songs like "This is Halloween", "The oogie boogie song" I listen to them all year round, I know every single line. And to make matters worse, at my local mall they are prepping a Halloween store.. conveniently placed next to Banana Republic ( must be a sales thing). You would think placing a horror store next to a Banana Republic would a rather laughable thing to do, but I am the psycho person that would actually go into both of those stores and actually buy things.
  And then with all of the indie makeup companies launching Halloween inspired makeup, the names are what sell me. Basically I don't know why I wasn't born on Halloween. #WhitePeopleProblems.
Any way on to the pre selected Halloween makeup!

Pumpkin Spice:
I have never seen this face chart before, although I'm sure it is older. But how cool is it? This should be really  fun to do. I am thinking about doing a step by step tutorial for this one, thoughts? I am going to try to follow this exactly minus the scary contacts because I have really sensitive eyes. This should be especially fun considering how pale I am and how it says that for the face you should use a MAC NC45 foundation. I'm NW15!

Vampire Kisses:

This is inspired by a book series by Ellen Schreiber, I love the main character, Raven, she's dating a vampire named Alexander. I thought it would be fun instead of doing another vampire makeup, that I would do a makeup inspired by a vampires girlfriend. Plus I love this book cover, and her makeup. I have blue eyes so this should look pretty good on me as well. I thought this would also be the more "subdued" Halloween look. Yes it is more dramatic for everyday but for Halloween it is considered "Safe". I might do a step by step tutorial for this too, I might just do it for the whole series. I might even stumble into this Halloween store and buy a black silky wig, to really bring the whole look together. Its gonna be fun coloring my brows black, especially since my brows are blond with red undertones -__-. They I heard are making a movie after these books which I am kind of happy about since i have been reading these since sixth grade, so I have stuck with this book series for ... almost 5 years? If you guys weren't aware I am still in High school. Hope that's to much of a big shocker for anyone, it might though. I don't know!
Bat Mask:
 So I thought this one would be fun. I Idon't 100% understand why
there are fire based colors on the lids, I might keep that in my 
version but I might spice it up, or down rather, and go with the cool color scheme, and go with bright blurple, yes blurple, lips.
I think this mask is really cool looking, and how it looks like you can or have the option of creating so much depth, which I love!I have no idea what your costume could be to wear this, but I would wear this wearing all black resembling a burglar. How cool would it be if this mask was glow in the dark.... Idea maybe? I think so.

 Absinthe Minded:
I usually wear all black on Halloween, black skinny jeans, turtleneck (depending on how Florida feels because it is so bipolar.) so this makeup would look amazing on me passing out candies to the little kids! I don't think its to frightening, that's my opinion at least. I think its cool how the face is a pale mint color, sorta like Lily Munster. I like the glossy black eyes, and the whole sunken cheek bones look paired with the blood red lips. The "person" in the face chart looks kinda like a zombie flapper, don't you think? I like it, but I think I will keep my hair natural, which is wavy. I might add a little blush to make it look less scary for the kids, but you never know.
Little Red Riding Hood/ Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf:

I think this could be tweaked depending on how you wish to portray little red riding hood, but I am going to try to experiment with some scar wax, and do the whole innocent face makeup, and then add some scratches, like she got scratched by the wolf. I'm going to make it look really deep and nasty.. but they will be small so they don't take away from the innocent factor of red riding hood. 

Well I hope you are getting as excited as I am about Halloween! And hopefully when I do these all, you will get inspired to do this for your Halloween costume/ makeup!
I hope that everyone up north that got hit by the hurricane/ tropical storm is okay, and your property and area is not to terribly damaged or even damaged at all! Have a great week, if I don't come back till next weekend!
-Megan xx


  1. I'm excited for Halloween too! Love this time of year! I would love to see a step-by-step tutorial of the MAC Pumpkin Spice look! That is awesome!

  2. I like the Absinthe minded look! I think that'd be pretty cool if you were dressing up as a zombie or something... You'd get the ghoulish effect without all the gore that might scare kids! Also, The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite movies too! =). Maybe a makeup look inspired by Sally?

  3. xD I don't celebrate Halloween so I've never done the costume thing for that day. I did used to cosplay though!

  4. I love Halloween! The creativity the gothic feel! Just wonderful! A halloween series sounds exciting!

  5. I like all of your ideas! :D esp the little red riding hood one!

  6. Then I will definitely do a step by step tutorial!

    And yeah, if I have time to do a Sally look I will!

    Aw yeah I guess I forgot that Halloween is kinda an American thing!

    I know I love it!!

    And thanks I hope it turns out well!