Sunday, August 14, 2011

What I have Been Loving Vol.2 & Requests?

 Happy Sunday ( I guess or Monday depending on where you are) !! I didn't swatch this palette seeing as it isn't really new, and when you google " Dior 5 couleur palette Incognito swatches" about a million hits pop up. It is rather expensive though if you plan on purchasing it in the near future. I love this palette for a couple reasons.. unlike the Naked Palette, this palette has colors which make your eye look naked... if that makes sense? The UD Naked Palette has nice colors ( don't get me wrong) but they aren't very naked in the sense you can definitely tell you are wearing eye makeup.. its still neutral colors but you can tell. With this palette ( if you apply all of the shades to your eye) it makes your eyes look enhanced, and lifted. And you can't nescissarily tell your wearing eye makeup. They all complement each other so nicely and they are very smooth to apply. Yes the lighter shades are on the sheerer side but when you build them up a bit, they make your eyes glow!

I'll be honest the only reason I got this palette is because I was grieving over the Harry Potter era finally ending and I was looking up Emma Watson, because I adore her, and the makeup she likes or wears. I found some where that her personal makeup artist said she loves the Dior Incognito Palette, the Diorskin Nude hydrating makeup (of which I got a sample), and the Dior lip color brightener ( which I have). I now have and love all of the products previously mentioned. Woman has pretty fine taste in makeup!
                Now on to the next matter of business. REQUESTS. I have recently gained a lot of new subscribers, Welcome to my blog by the way!, and I want feed back on what YOU guys want to see from me, how I can improve my blog.. so on and so forth. I am talking mainly eye/face looks that you want me to recreate or create inspired by something? I did one recently inspired by a book I read.. so don't hold back. The crazier, the darker/brighter, more creative the better. Go wild! Would you like some fashion posts? A back to school series?A basics- how to do/apply series? Tell me what you would like to see! Should I start making YouTube Videos? Would you all like to watch them? Or too much of an over kill? Anyways let me know... I read all the comments on here so... yeah! 

                           I hope everyone is having a lovely day! If you tried a new product out ( doesn't matter what kind, even if it is.. a special peanut butter spoon?) let me know if you liked it or not. So I will talk to you all hopefully tomorrow. And just enjoy the pretty Dior Incognito shadow pictures below :) 

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