Saturday, October 1, 2011


Long time no see, eh? I am so sorry about that but school has been taking over my life and filled out my schedule from when I wake to when I slumber. And then on the weekends all I want to do is relax for one day! ( Usually because for me Sunday is homework day...) Anyways.. tomorrow or Monday I will be posting a HALLOWEEN look!! I am not sure what I shall do, or put up rather. I did two looks so you guys will have to help me decide which to chose!
Since tonight was homecoming at my school and I didn't go.. I did some intensive halloween face art, i guess you could say. I did the "Vampire's Girlfriend" look and I also did the "Bat Mask" look. So you guys tell me what I should post for the next couple days! On the final weekend before Halloween I shall do my favorite look of them all "Pumpkin Spice". So yeah!
Once again sorry for the absence! I shall be better about updating you all! And I know I should be Johnny on the spot since I got new followers... but school is school, and when you are naturally bad at Chemistry.. studying takes up the better half of your days. I wanted to thank hebrideanspritebeauty for that!!
When I reach 100 followers.. which I think will be around Christmas.. I'm going to do the best giveaway for you all! I will probably start gathering prizes now because I know I love Halloween (Or holiday themed make up in general..) make up! So that will be oodles of fun!
For now I have to go finish some AP Govt. notes and graphic organizers.. so yeah. Forgive me?
Love you guys!



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  1. Yay Halloween looks! :D Can't wait hun, they all sound lovely! Best of luck with all the homework, it's tough but you can do it! Sometimes it helps to have a sort of prize at the end for yourself. Like finish a paper and add $5 to a total to spend on yourself. I sometimes do that when I'm struggling with a huge work load. Best of luck!