Friday, August 27, 2010

Day before school Anxiety

MUFE HD Primer
Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer
MUFE Mat Velvet Foundation
Physicians Formula Talc Free powder
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Light
BE sheer radience Blush
BE Diamond Laughter Blush

Too faced shadow insurance
MAC Amber Lights
MAC Evening Aura
Urban Decay Half Baked
Urban Decay Smog
MAC Antiqued
MAC Vanilla
MAC Fascinating eye Khol
KAT Von D Tattoo liner in Maya
Dior Dior show Mascara

(Pic. 1) Revlon lipstick Sultry sable
(Pic. 2) NYX Rea Lipstick
( Pic. 3)Brown tinted lipgloss
(Last Pic.) nada

I will tell you all about my first week of high school people!! Much love....


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Deadly Nightshade

Hello all. Today my creative juices were flowing, and I came up with this. A little off topic but I want to rant about somethings that are coming up. First off I have decided to start making YouTube videos! I will start my Debut on Tuesday/ Wednesday. I am not sure what the video will be on or about.. so Any ideas? Second I am starting high school on Monday 0_0. Needless to say I am having mixed feelings on the subject, and am scared basically out of my mind! Moving on Third, I recently swapped with some one for Archetype Cosmetics pigments ( Not sure if I said this before or not??) and I think I asked for about 20 or so.. either way I am excited to get them in the mail! Last thing I promise, but later on Today I am getting my hair done, and I will be getting bleached a lot lighter ( think Gaga)! And yeah.. so on to the breakdown?

Lauren Luke Primer
MUFE Aqua Cream in #18
MAC Beautiful Iris E/s
MAC Lotus Land E/s
MAC Illegal Cargo E/s
MAC Violet Trance E/s
MUFE #92 E/s
MAC Fertile E/s
MAC Danger zone Trio ( Red)
Kat Von D Liner in Trooper
MAC Feline Khol Pencil
MAC Blanc Type E/s
Dior Show Mascara

What I did:
1. I primed my lid with an eyeshadow base, and added a little bit of the aqua cream and just applied it to my lid. Next I took Beautiful Iris and patted it on overtop of the aqua cream.
2. I added Lotus Land on the outer half of the lid, and then took a crease brush and took Illegal Cargo to my crease, as a base crease color. To make it a bit more color as the base crease color I took violet trance and applied a bit of that. Finally to add deepness I took the MUFE eyeshadow and piled it over top of the base crease colors, and made it swoop out into a cat like shape.
3. Then I lined my upper lash line and made a slightly exaggerated wing. From their I took the aqua cream and made a line following that of the liner and following it out to the end of the eyeshadow shape. Next I took a small pencil/ eyeliner brush and took fertile and followed my natural crease shape and followed the aqua cream line I had just previously made.
4. I took the eyeliner in the very inner part of my eye and extended it making a triangle like shape. Then I lined my waterline with Feline, and made a messy line from the outer part of my eye coming almost all the way in stopping just short of the tear duct area. Then I made it "fling" out in the same direction as the extended one on the upper lash line. In the area separating the upper and lower liner I applied a the red from the danger zone Trio.
5. I took the same red color and followed the line from the black eyeliner on my upper lashline, except I followed it with the red on the other side, and extended it a little further than the black liner on the top.
6. Then I took Blanc Type and highlighted my brow bone. Finally I added my mascara the I was done!!

Viola, your done :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Autumn Serinade EOTD

So I did this today Inspired by the weather and season coming up!! That of course would be fall. For me Fall is my all time favorite season, because I love Halloween! I did this a fun everyday look for fall. It is easily wearable ( Minus the crescent moon jewel, But If you rock it all the more power to you!). Also if you have Blue eyes this would look amazing on you!


Lauren Luke Primer
MAC Amber Lights
MAC Cranberry
MAC Beauty Marked
MAC Henna
MAC Blanc Type
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper
MAC Black line Eye pencil
Dior Show Mascara
Optional Crescent Moon jewel

* Broken Record* Put on an eyeshadow base, and put Amber Lights all over the eye lid and crease. Make sure you make a defined angle for the eyeshadow shape. Next just take Cranberry and add it just into the outer crease, blend colors together. Taking Beauty Marked Eyeshadow use a pencil brush and place it in the outer "V". Make sure not to over blend the color. I used a lip brush surprisingly for the next step. I took Henna and placed it over top of the crease eyeshadow right on the top! Blend quite a bit, but still make it stand out ( you know what I mean??). I also took Henna and put it under on my lower lash line.
My same old, same old eyeliner routine... Take the Trooper liner and line your upper lash line making a slight wing. Last steps were taking the Black line pencil, which is a black with a mysterious gold sparkle in it, and lined my waterline. Finally Add you favorite Mascara!

Viola, your done :)


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hot mess? Unexpected Queen of Hearts with a twist??

Not really sure what to think of this? I posted this on a forum titling it "Big Fat Fail" and everyone seamed to disagree. So I give you this, take of it what you will and just a little heads up * Near the top of my eyebrow the part with eyeshadow that looks kinda wonky it is because That is my actual eyebrow. The eyeshadow has "invading" my eyebrows designated area, and that is how it responded to me putting eyeshadow there. As if to say "haha Megan, I am going to screw up this look because you brought a trespasser into my domain"*
So I will do a breakdown of what I used might do a full one.

Lauren Luke primer ( base)
120 Palette E/s in Silver, Grey, Black ( On lid/ in crease/ Blended into a cat shape)
MUFE E/s in #311 ( swept above the black)
MAC Dangerzone Trio ( Red swept on top of MUFE e/s, and under the black on lower lash line)
Kat Von D Tattoo liner in Trooper ( Upper lashline that extends to the end of the eyeshadow)
MAC Feline Eye Khol ( Lower lashline and water line smudged)
Dior Show Mascara ( On lashes durr :P)

* For the little weird shape on the lower lashline I made an "L" shape and curled it up into a circular shape. Then I outlined some of it with the trooper liner*

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rare Breed EOTD

So Aloha! I did this look yesterday and was very pleased with the turnout! I never, ever thought I would be one of those people that would ever be able to do a leopard print on my eyes! I was to say the least very proud of myself! My shaky, spasming hand was not going to make me mess up this time!! Anyway, I wanted to say that I just swapped with someone on Makeup Alley for "Archetype Cosmetics" Pigments!! I am so excited considering the fact that I have heard about how bad their customer service is, and when I found this lady that was selling all of the ones she had I went CRAZY!! I just shipped my end of the swap to her, so she should get it soon! I am Duper, Super excited!!

Lauren Luke Primer ( using it up, thank God!!)
MAC Smoke & Diamonds E/s
MAC Concrete E/s
MAC How Zats E/s
BE Classic Rock E/s
120 Palette Medium Grey E/s
120 Palette Sparkly silver E/s
MAC Feline Eye Khol
Kat Von D Tattoo liner in Trooper
Dior Dior Show Mascara

What Ya need to do:

Take your desired primer and prime your eye with it. Now take a Smoke & Diamonds and put it all over the eye lid. Next Place concrete and put it on the inner half of your eye, blend the two together. Using a crease brush take How Zats and place it in the outer crease and blend to the inner crease. Take Classic rock and go over the inner crease, and into the tear duct area.
Get your Medium Grey color and blend How Zats with the other crease colors.

Using my Trooper Eyeliner I lined my lid thickly and made an over exaggerated wing. I brought the eyeliner into the inner corner as well, making an acute triangle shape. I then Made 6 dots near my brown bone using the same eyeliner. Using Feline I lined my waterline, and drew a messy line on my lower lashline. I then took a smudge brush, and brought the color slightly down. I next took my trooper liner and "spikes" connecting to the smudged Feline. * A tip is to pull down gently on the skin below your eye and make a longer spike than you would make, then release and it will be perfect size because your under eye has stretchy skin*. Make three spike going from largest in the outer most part to smallest in the inner most part.

For the Leopard prints make a "U" shape, then a dot, and repeat but turn the "U" in different directions to make it look more real. Do this till you get down to the wing of the eyeliner. Now I took Fix+ and sprayed it on my bent liner brush and put it into the sparkly silver color, making a liquid eyeliner kinda texture. I then took it and filled in all of the "U" shapes I made. The last thing I did was take the silver paste and put it in between each "spike". The very last thing you do is apply one coat of mascara!

Viola, your done!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Midnight Peacock EOTD

Lauren Luke Primer
MAC Pagen E/s ( Inner corner, green color )
MAC Aquadesiac E/s ( All over E/s color, mixed with Suave intentions)
MAC Blue Flame E/s ( Base liner for the darker blue on the upper lash line)
MAC Suave Intentions E/s ( All over E/s color, mixed with Aquadesiac, also on lower lash line)
MAC feline Eye khol ( On the waterline, smudged down a bit)
MAC Brassy Fluid Line ( The gold color of the peacock feather things )
120 Palette Spring Green color ( Around all of the peacock feather things)
120 Palette Darker bright blue ( Dark blue liner on the upper lashline, and in the center of - -peacock things)
Dior Show Mascara

No breakdown today guys :( I am so tiered and I feel weak, my Anemia is coming back, and to be honest It would be hard to post a breakdown of this!! My only advise to re-create this is to follow where I said I put the colors, and for the shape I used tape. For the Peacock feather things, make a tear drop shape and take your time!! It took me like a half an hour to finish ONE eye!! I messed up three times and started over again, be patient!! I did this early too, so I was still sleepy :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

High School Orientation FOTD

So on Friday I had my High school orientation... That went over like a ton of bricks! First off a little while back I went to Sephora and got the NARS Sheer matte in Siberia, and in simple words it oxidized on me :( In other words, for some reason it turned orange!! I had to think.. was it the primer? Did I use a primer? Was it just my new concealer?? Or was my skin the problem? Anyways I ended up powdering my face to the MAX to get it to look more natural. I still think it looks a tad orangey ompalompaish in the pictures :/
Any who.. I did a simple winged eyeliner look with a bold red lip to still make a defined statement. * By the way the orientation sucked!*

NARS Sheer Matte foundation in Siberia
MUFE Full cover Concealer in #1 ( to pink for me :( )
Physicians Formula talc free powder in green
N.Y.C translucent face powder
MAC Dainty mineralize Blush
Shimmery white Eyeshadow for a highlight

Too faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Vanilla Eyeshadow
MAC Wedge Eyeshadow
Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner in Maya
MAC Fascinating Eye Khol
Dior Show Mascara

Lip Balm
MAC Culture Class Lipstick

Picture of my Schedule for the 2010-2011 school year :)

Picture of the map of my new school, which looks oddly like a bee hive from the picture!!
And it will be fun to find all my classes.... Sarcasm.... :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Eye Kandy Swatches & Review

So About a week or so ago I bought these Lovelies at my local facial/beauty place. On the way out of my lasering session I saw a display of these puppies, and was immediately drawn to the sparkly, pretty colors! I was so excited!! I chose two colors to come in this "Kit" that was about 24$. This kit includes two glitters of your choice, a brush to apply the glitter with, and a mixing medium to stick to the glitter. I got the colors in "Candy corn", which their website described as a light copper color (think the color of Candy corn ) is a super fine glitter meaning that it is the easiest and most wanted "formula" for glitters. The other color I purchased is called "Candy Cane" ( do you pick up on the Holiday theme?!?!?) The website describes that it is a Fuschia dark pink ( pretty accurate) and this is also a super fine glitter. Overall I really like these! It says in the instructions to first apply a darker eyeliner underneath the glitter to make it really POP! In my experience It did not flake on me, and it did not move!! I tried it on my hand first, and tried to rub it off .. and by gosh it wouldn't come off!! No matter how hard I rubbed!

Here is the Mixing medium called "Liquid Sugar". I was pretty much sold after seeing this! another plus about it is you get a whole lot of product!! 1 oz. for a Mixing medium is a lot of product and good for about 250 applications. It makes the glitter stick all day!!

My least favorite part of the kit. A crappy little pink brush that is bent, may I add, and is about the size of my pinky finger. It has in between a rough and semi soft feel to it. Mine was bent to I don't use it. I found that my Sephora bent liner brush applies this way better!

Here are the little jars they came in. Each Jar says it has a net weight of 5 grams, but I don't know how much is actually in the jar ( product wise). But on each jar it says "Sprinkles" Eye and body glitter. Each Jar also comes with a sifter which is a plus.

It applies pretty nice, It can streak and leaves blotches of no glitter, which makes sense why the company says to put a dark eyeliner underneath. I put "Candy Cane" on today over top of black eyeliner and I got many compliments!

Overall I would suggest these too anyone is head over heals about glitter, or just likes some Oumph in their life, or rather everyday look! I love these and definitely will be buying more of these!! You can buy them here for $7. 50 each, or you can buy the kit like I did and for every glitter you buy it is only $6.00. They also sell minerals and other cosmetics. This website also goes primarily through PayPal, if you are like me and under nay circumstances will not go through PayPal don't worry and look HERE To see if any store near you have any :)


Friday, August 13, 2010

Vampire Awakening in August

Vampire EOTD in August... which isn't by far to early to start doing Halloween Looks :)
But before you say "Good God, have you ever heard of concealer Megan!" I intentionally made dark cast shadows ( or dark circles, I think the other sounds better and mystical O.0)
To portray the Whole "I'm a vampire and I haven't slept since the dawn of time" look. I also Darkened my brows a lot!!

( Not very Helpful :/ )

Lauren Luke Primer:
120 Palette shimmery wine red
120 Palette Matte darked bright plum
120 Palette Shimmery Burgandy
120 Palette Shimmery Steel grey
120 Palette Medium matte purple
120 Palette Matte Yellowed brown
120 Palette Matte Harvest moon yellow
120 Palette Matte Creamy white
Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner in Trooper
MAC Feline Eye khol


Take your desired primer and prep lids. Next add the Shimmery Red wine color all over your lid with a flat shader brush. Take the Matte darkened bright plum with a blending brush and take it into the crease, as well as on the lower lash line ( thickly). Using the same crease brush take the shimmery burgandy color and apply to the very outer lid and bring it up half way across the crease.
Using the steel grey color and the same crease brush apply this to the outer "V", and blend it all together. Take the creamy matte white color and use this to highlight under your brow bone.

For the dark cast shadows Take the Medium matte purple color on a tapered fluffy brush and lightly dust around your natural dark circles to enhance them. Using the medium yellow brown shade concentrate this mainly around the inner and outer part of your dark cast shadows, using a light hand. Finally take the harvest moon yellow color and apply this lightly ( again, this is key!) over everything you just " contoured" for you dark circles.

Add a thin layer of eyeliner making it thicker as you go, and take Feline Eye khol and draw it on your waterline. Next add a layer/ coat of mascara and your Done!!

Enjoy & Viola!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Revlon Photoready swatches.. but no review :(

Okay so I got this foundation on a whim, because I had heard such good things about it!! But to my disappointment, even though I purchased the lightest shade that my CVS carried in Vanilla, It was still too dark!! Darn you Revlon and MAC!! So I will give you my initial thoughts on it when I did put it on my face ( this is how I realized it was too dark ) I thought it was very, very glowy. If you actually look close in the bottle and in the actual foundation you can see the "shimmer/ glitter " in it. So it is a really nice finish, and I also felt it to be really light. You know like in feel, you can tell when you have a heavy foundation because it feels like you have a mask on, and It also had I would say a medium to Full coverage application. I would probably match this foundation to a person who has ( In MAC ) either Nc/Nw 15 - 20 skin. Poor me has only foundation matches in a few brands because of my N10 skin ( N= neutral), and probably N5 Body :( I will probably give this to one of my friends, or keep it just because ( you know you've done it before :D ).
Overall: 7 1/2
Price: 10
Coverage: 8
Finish: 9
Colors: 5

Another plus it actually comes with a PUMP!! Unheard of!!

The Formula is VERY, VERY liquidy!! Like it might run off you hand in a matter of seconds!! Or face...

This picture makes it look like it matches my skin tone, but my friends that is the power of flash photagraphy!

And here is the ugly truth :( Poop on you Revlon for not making colors that suit ghostly white shades!! Where is the diversity!!

And don't get me wrong I would definitely recommend this foundation for anyone on a budget or just a good drugstore foundation! I have heard people compare this to MUFE HD foundation, so definitely worth a try!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Telephone, M-M-My Telephone.....

Hello, Hello Babies I couldn't think of a thing, So This is me trying to make the intro sound cool... The intro sound cool... The intro sound cool...
Enough of that! As evident i have no future in the music industry, especially writing it.... Any who I personally LOVE Lady Gaga! I love everything. The music, makeup, and the style ( some of the style..). So I though why not do a look inspired by her, one that is in my head that I know what the makeup looks like ( so I don't have to get off my butt and get my laptop, Lazy..) So t
he Telephone Look of Lady Gaga where she had just poisoned everyone in the diner, and her and Beyonce are tearing up that diner with all the American flag stuff on.. Ya know what I mean?

Anyway This one is for Lady Gaga and all her Gaganess....
Oh This is the "More" Neutral Version... ( i.e minus the giant star)


Lauren Luke Primer in White/ Nude
MAC Vanilla
MAC Wedge
Lauren Luke Shimmery White
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
MAC Feline Eye Khol
Dior Show Mascara
Buxom Gel liner in Suede

MAC Omega
Laura Gellar brow tamer


Prime your whole entire eye with Primer. Next I took a flat shader brush, and took Vanilla eyeshadow ( Off white) and put it over the area where you just applied your primer! Then I took a blending brush and took wedge and placed the shadow in my crease to create a Natural defined eye.
Next part is the trickest, I took a bent liner brush and any black gel liner, and line it like you normally would but a tad thicker. Then make an over exaggerated wing on the eyeliner and connect it back to the original line. Then you line just in the inner corner like picture above in a triangle way.. Hard to explain! Then I took feline and lined my waterline and did a messy lining on the bottom. Taking a smudge brush I smudged out the messy liner and made it look more appropriate ( Don't know the word :/ ) and connected by smudging the liner to connect the liner from the outer corner to the inner corner.
Next I applied on coat of my current mascara, on both top and bottom lashes. To finish the look I took a shimmery white eyeshadow and put it under my brow bone and in the inner corner to highlight those areas :) And of course I had to make a fake beauty mark where Lady gaga has one in real life, and I just took a semi dry eyeliner in a dark brown corner and put a dot near my eye.


Tell me what your favorite Lady Gaga look is, and also outfit :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dupe of a dupe for the Miley Cryrus Music video "Can't be tamed"

Eyes: Lime Crime Mermaid, MAC Feline eye khol, MAC How Zat e/s, MAC Vanilla E/s, MAC Crystal avalanche e/s, Generic light blue E/s from 120 palette, Dior show mascara, NYX Glamour lashes

Brows: MAC Wedge E/s, Laura Geller Brow tamer

I prepped the eyes with (sadly the only one I have at the moment) The Lauren Luke eyeshadow primer that can be found in her eyeshadow palettes. Next with a domed blending brush I took Mermaid eyeshadow and applied it all over my lid and crease, as well as underneath the eye and extending it out to make a pointed shape.

I then used Feline pencil and made a messy line on upper an lower lash lines and winged the top out just a bit. I then smudged it out with a pencil brush and extended the wing. With the same brush I used to put mermaid on I took How Zat and put it all over my lid, and anywhere I smudged the Feline eye khol, and blended it in with the mermaid.

Using a fluffy brush for highlighting I took vanilla and blended out just the outer parts of the eye shadow and took it into the outer corner as well. I then took Crystal avalanche and put it right underneath as a brow bone highlight. After I took the light blue color and blended the mermaid eyeshadow under the shape of the eyeshadow to create a gradient effect.

The last step was to line the water line with feline, add my mascara to both bottom and top lashes, and add the falsies.

As I mentioned in the title this is a dupe of a dupe. "Misscheivous" From Youtube duped this look orginally from the Miley Cyrus look in the Misic Video " Can't be tamed". I just followed her directions and used my own products ( what I had) and re- re created it :)