Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Top 15 Favorite Fall Eyeshadows!

Since fall technically is coming to an end, I though it would be appropriate to get around to doing some of my fall favorites! Toady I felt like doing eyeshadow because I wanted too..?! Reason enough, right? Any who most are Deep Purples, all shades of gold, some green and rich browns.

MAC Copper Sparkle Pigment

Is that not the most stunning color you have ever seen in your entire Life? This color is pretty much in technical terms a "BAM IN YOUR FACE" Copper color. This pigment isn't even wet! Just over some Shadow Insurance. This looks amazing if you have blue eyes. And very November/ October-esque.

Fyrinnae Dressed to Kill
This is a Moss green pigment with gold, lime green, and even yellow glitter embedded in it. This color is my favorite color to do a smokey eye on the lid without being too over kill with dark colors. Apply it over Pixie Epoxy and you might have an eye-gasm.

Revlon Cream shadows in Moonlight Jewels
This is a really nice drugstore product, and is one of few companies in the drugstore market that doesn't test on animals. The jewel tones really warm up any eye color and they are pretty pigmented for such a cheap price.

Fyrinnae Medieval Haunting

Medieval Haunting.. Don't you love the name?! It is a black/ brown based gold with antique gold sheen? It is quite complex.. and pretty sweet for some golden smokey eyeness...

Fyrinnae Velvet Vampire
Such a cool color! It is a berry based color with a pink undertone and gold sheen. Especially pretty on green and blue eyes.

Suds n Sass Fall Harvest
This color seems to appear brown in the picture... but I promise you it is a deep purple :) It has some gold undertones, probably so strong that the color appears slightly brown. It is beautiful though because it is one of those special ones that changes in different light. Great for Autumn!

Fyrinnae Beholder
A dark taupe... A delicious dark Taupe :) I have worn this almost every day this month! In my crease, lid, Lower lashline... it is pretty much an awesome taupe with insane sparkle :0

MAC Antiqued
An true Antique looking color. It is a Reddened Bronze color that looks like the color of the trees when they are changing colors. Makes me feel all Autumnal :)

MAC Saddle
I Find this and Satin Taupe very similar.... except Saddle is more warm toned because it has slightly res/ bronze undertones... where as satin taupe is very cool toned. But if you are Warm toned this would look very nice. This color also appears gold in some lights but a red brown in others.

Urban Decay Gash
This is the color of Maraschino Cherries that my mom makes when she makes Cherry Winks. Basically a dark, burgundy, wine.

MAC Cranberry
Cranberry... pretty much describes itself. It is a berry color with strong pinked bronze undertones. Looks really nice with Woodwinked ;)

MAC Woodwinked

This is a hit or miss for most people. It is a personal win for me because it makes my blue eyes look amazing, and doesn't look horrible on my skin. Some people complain it turns orange on them but... hey I like it :) A vintage gold color.

MAC Blackberry

The only Matte color! I was disappointed that it didn't show up as well as I wanted it too, but that is life ;/ It looks patchy in the picture but In real life it is perfect for darkening the crease without using a black. It is a matte dark plum.

MAC Trax

The first MAC eyeshadow I ever bought! I used the heck out of this in Middle school, he he ;) But it is such a beautiful color! It is a plum color with prominent gold sparkles in it. Truely a unique color!

MAC Satin Taupe

Last but not least Satin Taupe. A slivery/ brown/ purple, the true definition of a taupe color. Extremely wearable, especially for fall because smokier, darker eyes are more acceptable. Looks good buy itself or under a black base!

Post yours below! Would love to see what your favorites are!! Have a great Tofu Turkey day!! (I am a vegan that is why i said Tofu turkey, c'est Vrai)


  1. Love this post! Fall is my favourite season and these colours suit it so well! I only use (and promote on my blog) beauty products from companies that are non-animal testing too so thats great to see. I've never heard of suds n Sass before, could you maybe give a little brand overview? I'm now completely lemming Fyrinnae Medieval Haunting and Mac Trax! I recently got the Nars e/s duo in Cheyenne and it would suit this theme perfectly, a dark burgundy and a almost copper orange, super pigmented and lovely! Thanks so much for the great post :D

  2. @Hebridean Sprite: Yeah i would NEVER promote products tested on animals, EVER! And I can do a brand over view for you! It is basically a makeup/ bath store, that also sells perfumes! And trax and medieval Haunting are totally unique colors, and I highly Recommend them!! I want to try a lot more NARS products I only have a couple of their products!

    @TheScienceBeautiful: I know!! I love Trax!

  3. Great choices! Everything is so beautiful!

  4. I know i am late,but did you find a good dupe for Mac's Blackberry e/s,?Thank you for your time.Amalia