Sunday, August 28, 2011

Did Someone Say 64 Days Till Halloween?

 Changing leaves, Oh yes. That Autumn smell, bring it on. Halloween, Hell to the yes. I am so hyped up for Halloween this year, so excited that I am going to be a Halloween series! I don't think anyone understands how unnatural my obsession with Halloween is. Its pretty major too. All of the Halloween shows ever aired, I have watched them. The nightmare before Christmas, my favorite movie ever. All of the goofy songs like "This is Halloween", "The oogie boogie song" I listen to them all year round, I know every single line. And to make matters worse, at my local mall they are prepping a Halloween store.. conveniently placed next to Banana Republic ( must be a sales thing). You would think placing a horror store next to a Banana Republic would a rather laughable thing to do, but I am the psycho person that would actually go into both of those stores and actually buy things.
  And then with all of the indie makeup companies launching Halloween inspired makeup, the names are what sell me. Basically I don't know why I wasn't born on Halloween. #WhitePeopleProblems.
Any way on to the pre selected Halloween makeup!

Pumpkin Spice:
I have never seen this face chart before, although I'm sure it is older. But how cool is it? This should be really  fun to do. I am thinking about doing a step by step tutorial for this one, thoughts? I am going to try to follow this exactly minus the scary contacts because I have really sensitive eyes. This should be especially fun considering how pale I am and how it says that for the face you should use a MAC NC45 foundation. I'm NW15!

Vampire Kisses:

This is inspired by a book series by Ellen Schreiber, I love the main character, Raven, she's dating a vampire named Alexander. I thought it would be fun instead of doing another vampire makeup, that I would do a makeup inspired by a vampires girlfriend. Plus I love this book cover, and her makeup. I have blue eyes so this should look pretty good on me as well. I thought this would also be the more "subdued" Halloween look. Yes it is more dramatic for everyday but for Halloween it is considered "Safe". I might do a step by step tutorial for this too, I might just do it for the whole series. I might even stumble into this Halloween store and buy a black silky wig, to really bring the whole look together. Its gonna be fun coloring my brows black, especially since my brows are blond with red undertones -__-. They I heard are making a movie after these books which I am kind of happy about since i have been reading these since sixth grade, so I have stuck with this book series for ... almost 5 years? If you guys weren't aware I am still in High school. Hope that's to much of a big shocker for anyone, it might though. I don't know!
Bat Mask:
 So I thought this one would be fun. I Idon't 100% understand why
there are fire based colors on the lids, I might keep that in my 
version but I might spice it up, or down rather, and go with the cool color scheme, and go with bright blurple, yes blurple, lips.
I think this mask is really cool looking, and how it looks like you can or have the option of creating so much depth, which I love!I have no idea what your costume could be to wear this, but I would wear this wearing all black resembling a burglar. How cool would it be if this mask was glow in the dark.... Idea maybe? I think so.

 Absinthe Minded:
I usually wear all black on Halloween, black skinny jeans, turtleneck (depending on how Florida feels because it is so bipolar.) so this makeup would look amazing on me passing out candies to the little kids! I don't think its to frightening, that's my opinion at least. I think its cool how the face is a pale mint color, sorta like Lily Munster. I like the glossy black eyes, and the whole sunken cheek bones look paired with the blood red lips. The "person" in the face chart looks kinda like a zombie flapper, don't you think? I like it, but I think I will keep my hair natural, which is wavy. I might add a little blush to make it look less scary for the kids, but you never know.
Little Red Riding Hood/ Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf:

I think this could be tweaked depending on how you wish to portray little red riding hood, but I am going to try to experiment with some scar wax, and do the whole innocent face makeup, and then add some scratches, like she got scratched by the wolf. I'm going to make it look really deep and nasty.. but they will be small so they don't take away from the innocent factor of red riding hood. 

Well I hope you are getting as excited as I am about Halloween! And hopefully when I do these all, you will get inspired to do this for your Halloween costume/ makeup!
I hope that everyone up north that got hit by the hurricane/ tropical storm is okay, and your property and area is not to terribly damaged or even damaged at all! Have a great week, if I don't come back till next weekend!
-Megan xx

Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Long Awaited Inglot Swatch-Fest: Warms

 So this is going to be a rather quick post. I got through my first week of school, yay, and I am wiped out. I realized how long and over due this post was, considering that I got these Inglot eye shadows in.. May? I'm pretty sure it was may because i remember the first time I wore these eye shadow's it was the day of my AP European History Exam. Any who, so these pictures and swatches are over three months old. Not that bad, but still thought I would let you all know. I am going to try to put up some makeup look I create tonight because My family and I are going out in our city and having dinner at a restaurant called "The Collage". So that should be fun.

On to the eye shadows. So i ordered these shadows off of the Inglot USA website shortly after it launched. I got, I want t say around 15 eye shadows for 5$ a piece, which is almost robbery considering how amazing their products are. After a week they arrived which is relatively quick for my area, and they all we in perfect condition. They came in individual "boxes" for each shadow, and it was love at first swipe. I would say these are better than most eye shadows I have ever tried. I told myself I wish I never had bought my MAC eyeshadow because its almost as if these eye shadows laugh at the MAC ones. With good reason because these apply like butter, and are extremely pigmented. I got a few of the matte shadows, I wish I had gotten more though because I dabbed into each type of eyeshadow finish they carried and I would say the Mattes were by far the best. I will also mention these wee made in Poland, which means that they are extremely good quality. It is almost a rule, if you get some makeup product and it says "Made In Germany" you can almost guarantee that it is the highest quality, because most makeup companies have get their products from the same manufacturers as cheap drugstore brands. In Germany as far as makeup manufacturing goes, they have the the "upper class"manufacturing center compared to other places cosmetics are made. So Poland is right up there with Germany. Last thing I want to say about these are the amount of product you get per gram. 2.7 Grams per eyeshadow. When you compare that to MAC, where you get 1.8 grams for double the price.. why would you even bother to go but MAC anymore? Any sane person wouldn't. I hope you found this somewhat useful, or helpful :)

Another thing! I want to wish the best of luck to those in the projected path of hurricane Irene. I hope you guys are safe, and stay safe throughout the storm. Here in Northern Florida though it was 300 feet off shore we still had some pretty intense rain, and storms. I have gone through many hurricanes in my life, so i can imagine what some people up north and in New England are feeling having never to worry about hurricanes for the most part, and then getting the news that you have to evacuate your houses because a hurricane is coming! I heard the evacuation count is almost 2.3 million now! Stay safe guys and if you are sticking it out in your house, go into the center most room in your house with no windows ( try your pantry) or your basement if it is concrete. If you have neither of those go into your bathtub and take a mattress and put it over your body('s). Good luck once again!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Hard Candy Baked Blushes!

Hallo schöne menschen!! I literally just got back from vacation yesterday night, it was a long drive.. 13 miserable hours in a car that almost stopped in the middle of the road.. luckily we were in Jacksonville ( Just a BTW this was written a good two weeks ago... so yes I am alive). Any how, I had saved this draft ( Draft saved total of 3 times -__-) from before I left to quickly get up when i got back. These blushes don't have the best memories for me because when I got them all it was either 1. because while we were waiting for my beloved dog, buttercup, at the vet they told us to go grab lunch or go do something for about an hour. And 2. because the only way you can get your hands on these blushes is by stumbling your way into Walmart. To me Walmart is just the worlds biggest contradiction. I won't bore you with my Walmart rant, but I will say that those people who started "People of Walmart" were on to something.

On to the actual blushes. I first picked up the "Honeymoon" blush.. thinking it would be a nice highlighting color because it looks quite similar to MAC's mineralize duo blush in "Moon River". As I have both, I can say that this doesn't show up to great on my skin.. and maybe it's because I am so fair, and I just have a certain luminosity to my skin already ( Well shucks Megan, don't tut your own horn.).. But it wasn't that noticeable.. dry. Wetting the product makes for a nice glow to the skin. I think maybe this would work on medium to dark skin tones better. And I find myself hesitant to say that because I thought it would work on me and I am NW15. Definitely cooler skin tones would look best in this but, anyone could wear it and make it work. I should mention that I really like the packaging on these blushes, easy to open and close, its cute, I like the font ( I find fonts on products are more important that people come to think), and I like how pretty baked blushes look. They make you want all of them because each one is unique in the sense that they all have different veining.

Next blush I recieved as a gift. Some really nice woman on Makeup Alley sent me a care package after my dog died. She included this blush and a couple other things. I was beyond grateful for her kindness. But this blush is perfect for fair/light, and maybe even medium skin tones. It is a pinker/ rosier version of MAC's Dainty. Because it is baked it gives that nice glow to the skin that makes you just look very healthy. It has just the right pigmentation to it. Not to sheer, but not so pigmented you have to use a stippling brush and barely tap it in the pan. If you have a warmer skin tone this would be lovely for you, but if you are a fair skinned cool lady, like myself, it gives you a nice Rosy flush that complements what your natural flush should look like.

Today is Friday, and I would like to inform you all that school for me kicks back in on Monday. I have mixed feelings about it. I feel like this will be "My Year" so to speak. I have hardly any classes with people I dislike or need to steer clear of. I have good solid people in my core classes, and I am getting more self confidence as I get older, which is a good thing. As a recovering Anorexic and Bulimic, I am glad I am becoming more comfortable with my body. I also am working on a Fashion Blog and started to follow a bunch of really inspirational fashion bloggers. So yeah. That's all I wanted to say, hope you all have a great day!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What I have Been Loving Vol.2 & Requests?

 Happy Sunday ( I guess or Monday depending on where you are) !! I didn't swatch this palette seeing as it isn't really new, and when you google " Dior 5 couleur palette Incognito swatches" about a million hits pop up. It is rather expensive though if you plan on purchasing it in the near future. I love this palette for a couple reasons.. unlike the Naked Palette, this palette has colors which make your eye look naked... if that makes sense? The UD Naked Palette has nice colors ( don't get me wrong) but they aren't very naked in the sense you can definitely tell you are wearing eye makeup.. its still neutral colors but you can tell. With this palette ( if you apply all of the shades to your eye) it makes your eyes look enhanced, and lifted. And you can't nescissarily tell your wearing eye makeup. They all complement each other so nicely and they are very smooth to apply. Yes the lighter shades are on the sheerer side but when you build them up a bit, they make your eyes glow!

I'll be honest the only reason I got this palette is because I was grieving over the Harry Potter era finally ending and I was looking up Emma Watson, because I adore her, and the makeup she likes or wears. I found some where that her personal makeup artist said she loves the Dior Incognito Palette, the Diorskin Nude hydrating makeup (of which I got a sample), and the Dior lip color brightener ( which I have). I now have and love all of the products previously mentioned. Woman has pretty fine taste in makeup!
                Now on to the next matter of business. REQUESTS. I have recently gained a lot of new subscribers, Welcome to my blog by the way!, and I want feed back on what YOU guys want to see from me, how I can improve my blog.. so on and so forth. I am talking mainly eye/face looks that you want me to recreate or create inspired by something? I did one recently inspired by a book I read.. so don't hold back. The crazier, the darker/brighter, more creative the better. Go wild! Would you like some fashion posts? A back to school series?A basics- how to do/apply series? Tell me what you would like to see! Should I start making YouTube Videos? Would you all like to watch them? Or too much of an over kill? Anyways let me know... I read all the comments on here so... yeah! 

                           I hope everyone is having a lovely day! If you tried a new product out ( doesn't matter what kind, even if it is.. a special peanut butter spoon?) let me know if you liked it or not. So I will talk to you all hopefully tomorrow. And just enjoy the pretty Dior Incognito shadow pictures below :) 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wearable Hunger Games Inspired Look

The Hunger Games. O.M.G. If you haven't read this book, or rather series, you definitely should. Probably my favorite book and series to be quite honest. It has an amazing plot line and really keeps you engaged with the book throughout. After I played around with my Sugarpill eyeshadows, because I had seriously been neglecting them, took some pictures and uploaded the pictures to my computer did my brain click, and say "Ya know what.. that reminds me of The Hunger Games". The gold in the look represents the golden mockingjay pin. The silver in the look reminds me of Katniss's silver bow and arrow set she picked up in the calpurnia. And finally the black represents District 12, and Katniss.. the girl on fire.. :) If you read the book you would get all of these terms. I hope you like it though regardless of if you read the book or not!

 - Too Faced Shadow Insurance
 - Sugarpill Goldilux Loose Eyeshadow
 - Sugarpill Tiara Loose Eyeshadow
 - Sugarpill Stella Loose Eyeshadow
 - Stila Chinois Eyeshadow
 - MAC Feline Eye Khol
 - Stila Smudge Stick in Koi
 - Fresh Supernova Mascara
 - Clinique Bottom Lashes Mascara

                                       And also, more of a personal update, I know I haven't been good or religious about posting and updating my blog very much and with school approaching again I still probably will only have time to post maybe once a week. I know, Im sorry. It has been a pretty hard summer for me, really hard and very emotional. I hope you guys understand! And if you liked the eyeshadows I used go buy some, just click here (literally). And to buy the book click here ( surprise, surprise once again quite literally!) Have a lovely day, and see you soon!  xx Bisous