Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Are you Warm or Cool?

I  thought this would be helpful to a bunch of people, the quest to find your undertone. I know that there are more sub-divisions like having an olive undertone, or a peach, or a beige undertone. This is a basic way to find what you are in the world of your skin!

As you can see above, I took a a picture of my veins. This is the easiest way to know your undertone. Are your veins more blue, or are they more green tinted? Mine as you can see above are most definitely blue. You can also see that the skin on my arm is pink tinted. If you have warm skin it would be more yellow hued.

The next way to tell if you couldn't figure it out the first time is my taking a gold piece of jewelry, and a silver one and comparing them to your skin. I used earrings that are identical, but just different colors. As  you can see already the silver compliments my skin more than the gold does. If you think that both of these flatter you skin you could quite possibly be neutral.

The two side by side. Make you observations here.

Here are the two ontop of each other, and you can see that I was right, and the silver most definitely flatters my skin a lot more than the gold.
Cool skin : 2/2    Warm Skin: 0/2

The final way to tell if you are warm or cool is to take a very cool colored fabric, and a very warm colored fabric and put them on yourself and then see which flatters you more. I chose a bright blue, and a mustard yellow color. Final decision : I am definitely a cool toned individual :) The blue definitely flatters me more than the yellow! Now if you find that It was the opposite for you, you are warm. If you found both to flatter you in all three cases, you are neutral.. If you got a few warm , and some cool go with the majority :)


Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Mermaids Chair

A look *Gasp*!! I did this orginally for my " Around the World" series but I think it turned out more ethereal and mermadish.  I love how this looked on blue eyes, so if you have blue or grey eyes this would look great on you! And sorry bout my brows.. they look kinda crazy in the pictures :P
Products Used:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Too Faced Glitter Bonding Shadow Insurance
MAC She who Dares Green
LORAC Green Room
Wet' N 'Wild Silver from Night Elf palette
Wet' N 'Wild Grey/blue/ purple in Greed Palette
MAC Smoke and Diamonds
MAC Mont Black
Stila Cloud
Milani Green Eye Pencil
Tarina Tarantino Mascara

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Okay let me say first off, this was love at first sight. It is a " Say yes to Carrots" product, Love them to bits and pieces. And these claim to make you face feel nourished, and even says that when you wipe with there wipe that you don't even need to wash your face afterward. Do I believe that? Possibly. Would I test it out? That is a negative. But I do think that these are a billion times better than any other wipes I have bought, including MAC wipes. They really do nourish the skin, and make it feel "Refreshed!". I will definitely be re-buying them, again, and again, and you guessed it again :)
And they have the Happy Bunny on the package, and clearly states "Against Animal Testing!" Rock on Say yes to carrots! You make me proud.. it is hard to find companies that carry those symbols on their packaging. I love them already, and animal testing is something I take strong offense to and disagree with, with all of my heart. Win.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NYX Jumbo Pencil's Swatches/ Update

Okay, I feel pretty proud how quick I am pumping these posts out! Any who, I picked up these after seeing how pretty the colors were.. and I have a bunch of jumbo pencils anyway. I got them in the shades Purple, and Rocky Mountain Green. I like the green one a lot better because it is more consistent in application, the purple one is complex in colors so it isn't consistent in application ( You can see this around the edges in the photos below). 
I just got back to school today and it was grueling and just horrid waking up so early. I am getting up a lot of posts today because I won't do it this weekend because I want some well deserved relaxation time. I just recently had midterms which gave me additional stress. I am thinking of doing a "Artistic" look on Friday, and possibly filming a Youtube video? Any thoughts on what I should do it on? Well to get on with the Swatches, and cease the rambling.. here are the in depth photos :)

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Bonding: First Impression

 I picked this up when I went to Ulta on Tuesday, primarily because Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy was a total miss for me. I wouldn't bash it because I know a lot of people that like it, but it worked for a couple days then became incredibly "clumpy" and my eyeshadow balled up. So needless to say, I wanted another eyeshadow base that made my eye shadows/ glitter pop and adhere so well. I heard about they released it, and saw it and gave it a try. 
First Impression on this, it has the same feel as TFSI the regular one, but it is a tad pinker toned, and it is slightly stickier. It also has a very, very faint smell. But it is noticeable. Nothing crazy or that would irritate sensitive eyes, it goes away once it is on the skin. I like the packaging, I have always liked Too faced primers packaging. The holo glitter on the package where it says "Glitter bonding" is a nice touch as well :P In the last picture you will notice that I tried it out with an Eyekandy Glitter and on one side it is normal Too Faced Shadow Insurance and then next to it is the glitter bonding on! Amazing right? I will update once I test it out for a while :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

NARS Rated R Eyeshadow Duo Swatches

So I picked up this Duo* on Saturday when I went to Sephora with my Friend. I had been wanting to try it for a long time because the colors scream me!! It was love at first swatch.. It is soooo pigmented and the colors are beautiful! They are kinda powdery in the sense that when you take a brush to either one a fair amount of product comes around where you put the brush and you loose enough for a good swatch :( But I love it, it is my Baby. The colors are bam in your face, and the amount is great for the price!

                                                        One swipe people, ONE swipe :O   *Falls over and dies*

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cultural Diversity

Ello! I wanted to do a series, one based on traditional makeup from countries all around the world. I am not talking about what people in lets say Indian wear on a day to day basis... but what they wear on special days... with the full face of "not everyday makeup". Like in Chinese Culture I know they do special makeup, called "Opera makeup". It is over top and absolutely fascinating. I know a bunch of people from ALL over read my blog.... I know people in Japan, Romania, Egypt, Shri Lanka, Germany and many more that read this blog. I am asking for your help, all of you, to show me, tell me or link me to what are special/ Traditional Makeup looks that your country does. 
Please Tell me the following:
~ What country/ Region you are from
~ If you live in a specific Tribe/ city that is native your particular "look" include that so I can specify.
~ Picture/ link so I can recreate it.
~ A little back round Info on what people wear this look to/ why.
~ If you don't have a "Look" native to the area you lived in/ live in then maybe send me a picture of monsters that natives in your culture believe in.

I live in the United States, and native to my country we have Halloween, where people wear all kinds of masks and scary makeup. We also have football games where people put special makeup on.. ( In the USA we don't have that "Cultural" of makeup.. bout a cultural as we get!) We do this because On Halloween it is a tradition you must dress up to get candy and ward off evil spirits... on Football game day's we do this to show our full support of our team.. here is a picture (insert picture link)..

And you can be completely Anonymous :) Please anything would be amazing!!
I will also get more posts up, this week was slow because I had midterms and just wanted to rest when I got home :)


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ice Queen

Hey Lovelies!
So I thought I would put this up because I am livid at my freaking computer, and sad that my friends are having fun talking to each other while I am moaping around sad that I am not... I always so how get left out of things... no matter what it is :( Anyone else have the same problem? Well anyways I did this today after I watched NikkieTutorials contest video, and heard the idea and I was interested! I don't think I am going to enter but it was fun doing, I don't have enough self confidence to do much of anything anymore :) I hope you guys had a good week, and I will be swamped with midterms so I might not get anything up... I hope you understand. I love you all 

Sunday, January 2, 2011


 So Yesterday My friends Ashley and Michaela went to a big mall in our town and we went shopping, went to Sephora and all that fun stuff. Afterwards we went back to my house and I did their Makeup and we got ready for their photoshoot :) Ashley and Michaela did their own hair and styling :) Michaela has a Blog and here is where you can check it out: Here

Meet Ashley 

Meet Michaela