Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Know your UNDERTONE color!!

Okay so I am one of those people who has no idea what their undertone color they are. I still don't know because I guess I am a complex being. Being More than half european and a tenth native american, I guess I have a lot to look over in my quest. But anyway I found these really helpful descriptions on each possible color that your undertone color could ever be!

Warm is for skin tones with a yellow, ruddy or peachy complexion. Hair color can range from dark brown to dark blonde to dark auburn. Eye color is usually brown, hazel, or darker blue. This skin tone tans well and usually does not burn. If you look at the underside of your arm, your veins may have a slight greenish tint if you can even see them at all. You look better in warmer colors, gold jewelry, and ivory instead of white.

Golden is for a deep, rich yellow skin tone, like a sheet of gold. Hair color can range from darker medium brown to a buttery blonde. You have very golden highlights in your hair. Eye color can be blue, hazel, green or a lighter shade of brown with some gold specs. This skin tone tans very easily and does not burn. If you take a piece of paper and hold it close to the underside of your arm, it should reflect a yellowish or golden tint upon the white paper. You definitely look better in gold jewelry than silver. The gold picks up the highlights/golden color in your hair and skin. You may also notice that wearing black close to your face may take some of your color away and make you appear washed out.

Beige is a more neutral skin tone category than the rest. It is perfect for those with soft beige complexions with a tinge of yellow or pink. All Hair and eye color can fit into this category. You may look great in both gold and silver jewelry, as well as white and ivory. If your skin tone has a tinge of yellow, warmer colors will look slightly better on you. If you have a tinge of pink with beige undertones, cooler colors may look slightly better against your skin.

Cool is for those with pinkish or soft red undertones. Hair color can range from black to dark red to platinum blonde. Eye color is usually light as in blue or green. If you are African American, then your eye color will be very dark brown, almost black. Cools usually burn first and may take along time to achieve a tan. Quite a few won’t tan at all. If you look at the veins on the underside of your arm, they will appear bluish. Cool skin tones look better in silver jewelry, white instead of ivory and bolder colors close to their face.

These shades will fit those complexions with natural to yellowish brown undertones in their skin. You will look better in warm colors, ivory instead of white, and gold jewelry. Hair color is typically warm brown to butterscotch blonde. Eye color can be any shade but will have some gold or yellow specs in them. You should tan instead of burn unless your skin tone is very light beige. You also tend to look washed out without any blush (color) on your cheeks and eyes

These shades will fit those with yellowish, green undertones. Most Asians and Latinos will fall into this category. Hair and eye color are usually both dark. If you look at the underside of your arm, your veins are probably greenish. You tan very easily and never burn. You cannot wear pastel colors, bold colors work much better on you! You have probably found that many foundation colors end up looking ashy or pink on your skin. Everyday Minerals foundation will work perfectly for you as it allows your true olive skin tone to show through.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Gryffindor Inspired

*Updated 12/21/10
Okay so just Eww Had to take it off, it was way too nasty... can't believe I even did that!
**Shakes head in shame**