Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tarte For True Blood Palette!

3/3 For the win! This palette is my favorite part of the whole collection! It came with 16 full size eyeshadows, a primer, a mascara, and an eyeliner.  It also came with a little card to achieve certain looks that the make up artist for True Blood actually does on the cast. The eyeshadows are all really smooth, and fairly pigmented. The only ones that I found to be less pigmented were the lighter, sparkly ones. The others were lushly pigmented. I also really am a fan of the names! On to the samples of products in the drawer. The mascara, which I will show the effect of in an upcoming look, lengthens and defines really well. No clumping, or flaking (from what I see). The eyeliner is smooth, so smooth it seems like a liquid. I can't really tell much from the primer because I have to test it out more.

The light, Werewolf, Fairy

Fairy, Waitress, Dusk

Nocturnal, Bayou, Charmer

Telepath, Glamour Me, The True Death

Nocturnal, The True Death, Stake

The light, Werewolf, Fairy


"V", Legend, Moss, Immortal

The Eyeliner :)

Tarte For True blood Natural Cheek Stain

Part 2! The cheek stain! First of it is the same packaging as the other Tarte cheek stains, except the only difference being that this stain when opened has a cap on it. This particular one has soo much glitter or sparkles in the actual product when just looking at it. I took a picture below with out flash so you can properly see it. But this color turns out to be my perfect natural flush. It is a strawberry color, with gold sparkles like the lip tint. It shows up really nice on my skin, and blends really easily. This one I did notice has a smell that other Tarte cheek stains don't have, its almost fruity.. but not quite. I overall really like this product it looks really natural on me, and for darker skins it can be layered to build up pigment.

Tarte For True blood LipSurgence Natural Lip Tint

I literally just got these babies in the mail. So first up in the line up of True Blood products is the lip tint. This lip tint, or lip stain, is a gorgeous color. It is a warm toned red with a golden overlay? In the package it doesn't look gold, but on the lips you can definitely tell that it posesses a golden kind of over lay. It isn't all the red on the lips, but when you layer it you can definitely achieve that red lip. This color reminds me kind of how MAC's Viva glam cyndi is... it looks red in the tube but it instead gives a strawberry look to the lips. Like all of Tarte's Lip tint's this one has a minty smell and feel to the lips. Overall if you really like Tarte's lip tints I would recommend this one. I am going to be wearing this all the time. I love this color, and I was hoping it would be exactly this, I'm so excited that it meet that dream.  Get it while you can!! So worth it! The texture is light and smooth, and can it be any better that all of these products are natural? I think not.

This Swatch on top is of the lip tint layered, as I stated you could do above to achieve that 
really red look. On the bottom is of the product applied lightly and swipped only once.


My True Blood stuff came in today!! Stay tuned for some swatches within the next hour, because these products are freakin' awesome!! Everything is what I expected and more! Get ready!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

What I'm Lovin'! The Urban Decay Naked Palette

I caved. It was a month ago so you can't really punish me. I got it because, well.. it is THE most popular makeup product that has ever been on the market. And who would I be if I didn't partake in purchasing this, I wanted participation points! But I really have been liking it lately. Mine came with one of Urban Decay's Cruelty free brushes, not the cool double ended eyeliner. I love Urban Decay in general.. I love that they are cruelty free and some of their products are vegan! The texture of these eyeshadows are lovely as well. Super pigmented too. If you want an in depth review, just let  me know (I know their are like a bajillion online so..). Have a lovely day guys! Im headed to the beach :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tarte for True blood!

AHH! I saw this whilst doing my daily Sephora stalk and BAMM. True Blood Makeup! I died, and I feel like I'm still dead. It is simply amazing. It included a lip stain, a cheek stain, and an eyeshadow palette.
                  - Tarte for True blood Limited Edition Palette - 52$
                        -17 x 0.07 oz eye shadows
                                - 0.003 oz True Blood™ EmphasEYES Aqua-Gel Eyeliner in Black
                                - 0.1 oz True Blood™ Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara in Black 
                                - 0.08 oz True Blood™ Lifted Natural Eye Primer 
                        - Tarte for True Blood Limited Edition Natural Cheek Stain - 30$
                        - Tarte for True Blood Limited Edition Lipsurgance Natural lip Tint - 24$

Eyeshadow Colors/ Descriptions!
The LIght ( Shimmery warm ivory)
Fairy ( Simmering pink)
Dusk ( Warm matte taupe)
Dawn ( Shimmering gold dust)
Werewolf ( Matte chocolate)
Waitress ( Sparkling pink champagne)
Nocturnal ( sparkling deep indigo)
Charmer (sparkling burnt copper)
Glamour Me (sparkling deep plum)
Stake (Matte Steel)
Bayou ( Shimmering golden tan)
Telepath (sparkling warm rose)
The True Death (sparkling silver)
Immortal ( sparkling midnight black)
Moss (shimmering forest green)
Legend (deep matte black)
"V" ( sparkling crimson)

                                       Hurry and Get yours! I got mine already!! 

Friday, June 17, 2011


Rest In Peace Buttercup. I asked you all to pray for her, and she survived the night of Tuesday.. but yesterday Thursday June, 16th, 2011 between 9-10AM.. my angel passed away. We got word the morning of thursday that she was doing better, her blood count went up 10 points! Thats great.. but then My mother got home and told me that she passed away. I cannot tell you how much I cried. Today my eyes, teeth, jaw, and face hurt.. but most important my heart hurts. My heart is broken. I thought she would pull through, she was so strong.. The last time I got to see her was Tuesday night. That is the last time I saw her alive. My house feels so empty now.. I don't even know what to do. I have lost the passion I had for life. This Dog, was my family, my life, my sister, my baby, and my best friend. I know she is in a better place and she isn't hurting anymore. I know she came to say goodbye to us last night because there were paw prints on my mom's bed, and she hadn't been home since Tuesday.. and my mom makes a tight bed. We cried for hours. She has been there for me since I was four years old. She would have been Eleven this July. Words cannot even describe how I feel. I have lost my baby, but I gained a guardian angel. I know she is with my grandpa in heaven.. and she is watching over us. I love her so much, and It kills me knowing that I wasn't there with her when she passed away. I went to say goodbye to her body... and she looked like she was asleep. She loved to sleep. This Monday.. we are having a candle light memorial service. Where ever you are in the world. Just take a minute, and light a candle in memory of my wonderful, smart, adorable, chubby, loving dog. Buttercup Fickes. A Yellow Lab. Born in Ohio, with the biggest heart imaginable. I made a page on FaceBook if you want to "like" it, it's called "In Loving Memory Of Buttercup".  I hope you guys can understand that I will be taking a slight break from posting on this blog. I really hope you can understand.

July, 7th, 2000--- June, 16th, 2011
Forever in our hearts, and always in our memory.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Guys. I need you to pray for my dog Buttercup. Something happened in the past week that made Buttercup start acting weird. We went to the vet and we found out she has Autoimmune Anemia, Which basically means the red blood cells in her body are clumping together and the white blood cells are flighting and killing the good red blood cells. She is going to get a blood transfusion tonight and the vet said this might be the last time we see her. God I can't loose her, she is my life, my best friend. Please if you would pray for her, I could not even thank you enough for praying for her. You guys I don't even know what will happen to me if I loose her. We are hoping for the best. I have been crying for hours, and Im not gonna sleep tonight. Anything that you could do... Guys I love you all so much and this would mean the world to me. The Absolute world. Thank you guys soo much. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Brush Review

Did I ever say I hoard brushes? Cause I do. So naturally, hearing about the release of these brushes, made by Sam from Pixiwoo.. I was bound to pick them up anyway, so I justified buying them. Their called "Real techniques", and If you have no clue who Sam from Pixiwoo is, well she is an amazing makeup artist that shares her knowledge about beauty and what not on YouTube. I got the "Core collection" and the stippling brush. I don't have very many face brushes simply because I use my fingers for most things on my face so I was like "ehh why not?". The case that the core collection comes in is neat, and can turn/fold/flip in anyway imaginable.. basically. 
One more thing to mention before I babble on about the brushes. The handles. The handles are, I would say, A pretty good length. Not too short like holiday edition MAC brushes, or too long like most think about Sigma brushes. They're an in between. The bottom end of the brush is a rubbery material, and the top is a shiny looking (finger print visible) material. Other than when you get your brushes ucky and you can noticeably see the uckiness.. their great. That just bother me being OCD and all.

This is the only brush that didn't come in the "Core Collection". Its the stippling brush, and I must say "DAMN". This is a great brush. It hasn't shed *once*, I swear on my life. And the bristles on this brush are shorter than other stippling brushes, and the reason why I am pretty sure this brush doesn't shed. It's revolutionary. I love it. I have lately been using it for my tinted moisturizer, and I like the finish... I still prefer my fingers though.

Buffing. A technique completely necessary for applying a foundation of any caliber over light coverage. I've never really seen a brush shaped, or have the same density as this brush does. Very unique to moi.. It's pretty sense so it lives up to it's name pretty well. I personally don't use anything heavier than light coverage on a daily basis, but I do use it for power, and precise blush application and I enjoy using it like that. I did try buffing my foundation in once when i was wearing my MUFE HD, and yeah it really is the "it" brush for blending.

I really genuinely like the color of this brushes hairs, strange? possibly. I like the fact that it is domed and round throughout the brush.. compared to the 209 from MAC. I find it shorter in hairs, which as i mentioned I really like, and because of that smaller over all but still living it up with the density. The thought process when I was using this brush was pretty much like "wow.. Wow... Wooooww". It contoured so nicely. Better than my 209. And now officially referred to as.. the better one :O

I wouldn't really call this a foundation brush, first off. I think I would use this for concealer, because as I have mentioned previously.. the brushes are small. I quite liked the fact they were shorter and smaller in all the other brushes but.. I really don't know for this one. If I haven't already said it, all of these brushes are made with synthetic hairs (VEGAN!!) which is a plus.. but I can't say I don't have anything like this.. cause I do.

On the back of the box that these brushes came in, it said that this brush can be used for precise concealer application.. pssh. I don't know about you all but for reference this brush is about the size of my pinky nail, and when I get "spots" they are no where near small.. Maybe its just me but I would never use this for concealer. I tried it but no. I do find that I like using this for lipstick application.