Friday, January 13, 2012

Camera Test :)


      Hope you all are having a good week :0) I'll post some other things this weekend!! 


Friday, January 6, 2012

Skin and Brows: Anastasia Brows and Bobbi Brown

         I think that the one thing I wish I would have started doing sooner in my whole makeup "career" is doing my eyebrows. It really makes such a dramatic difference in your face. It gives you a facelift and makes you look more awake and ... alive. Anyway, I have been in a constant struggle from a very long time ago to find a brow filler that doesn't make me look like a flaming ginger. Because my uncle and cousins have red hair I was blessed with having red tinges in my brows. So I have to literally find the most ashy color, for light blondes out there. I think I might have found it! I use the lighter side, but using the darker side for anyone makes you look younger. So I picked this up in Ash Blonde/Taupe, and I like power better because it looks more natural... in my opinion.

      Did you notice that I GOT A NEW CAMERA? :O Well I did. Its the Canon Rebel T3i. Its such a beautiful piece of equiptment. 
Any how... This brow power duo comes in this nice silvered little compact, with a mirror... not like I would suggest using that mirror to do your brows though... I would actually highly not suggest doing so. But In my journey, I have found this to be the best for my brows. And like I said. I have pretty blonde hair and on my brows I have a hidden tinge of ginger in the undertone apparently. I have only tried and been using this for about a week or so, but I still love it and find it the best brow product I have used thus far.

      Now on to a substitute that I picked up at Sephora to replace my Cover FX concealer. So here is me, thinking "Oh Megan.. you really love Bobbi Browns tinted moisturizer... so just try the foundation stick. Not like you have many other choices here. I mean your alabaster skin is a rarity uncommon in Florida, this is the only thing in this store that could come close to matching you." So basically I got it. And straight up, matched my skin perfectly. I mean the shade description is supposed to be pinker than all of Bobbi Brown makes. And the tinted moisturizer is a tad dark in the same shade so I mix white into it. With this it is perfect, I suspect because it is a cream. Anyway I love it, thus far. Though I want to mention it is hella exspensive for .31 oz. coming in at 40$. Other than that I love it.

         Straight up swatches, unblended.

    Oh hello super sexy new camera quality ;)

                    These are blended, and you can see how well of a match is :)

Well, anyways. I have had literally the worst week of my life this week. School sucked so bad. Tests, Homework, everything. I am trying to get some posts up between the two blogs I run.. ( The other one is "" ) And I hope this tides you all over and I hope you guys had a lot better week than I did. And I will hopefully post something tomorrow or Sunday.. it will most likely be a new look! Yay!
Love you all!