Sunday, May 29, 2011

What I have been Up To: Summer/Spring Edition

So hello strangers! I am so sorry I have been away for so long. It is nearing summer and i have been really busy with school, and exams. I had my first AP exam the 6th of May and now I have all of my other class exams coming at the end of next week and the whole rest of the week. Thursday June, 9th is my last day of school for this year. Its going to be sad and emotional, because a lot of my friends are moving away.. and I probably wont get to ever see them again :(
My french teacher is retiring too, so that made me sad. She has a 99.1% success rate on exams too! But she did give us a booklet that allows us the opportunity to go to England, and France next summer! Its a ten day trip and I'm really excited!
The other thing thats been on my mind is boys... oh lordy. It always has something to do with boys doesn't it? Anyways ... i think if things work out the way I plan.. we might have something going on ;) But their is always a possibility of a roadblock popping up... which has a very good chance of happening. Things are looking good for me though!
With all of that I hope you guys understand the lack of posting. This summer I promise I will catch up again, I only have a few places to go this summer.. so maybe I will do some traveling posts :)
I hope you guys are all good and well... and I will talk to you guys next time!
With Love,

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Stila Sparkle Waterproof liquid Eye Liner in "Bora Bora" Review & Swatches

Bonjour! Aujourd'ui I am going to review the new Stila waterproof liquid liner! I would say I got this a couple weeks ago and it was something that I swatched in the store, and it was so vibrant and pretty that I absolutely needed to have it in my life ( story of my life, lol)! I put it on the night I bought it to go out to dinner, and It was great! It didn't move. I will say that I did notice that these liners look suspiciously similar to the ones MAC, and Illamasqua launched around the same time. I must say that even though I loved this on my eye, I was really disappointed with it. 
 I do really adore these kind of mermaid colors, its my weakness! Great color, especially if you were graced with brown eyes.
This sucker is about as pigmented as they come. One swipe, and eyegasm all over the place. I'm not exaggerating the tiniest bit either. I tested some other colors out, but I found this one to be the most pigmented.
 It wears so good, that i couldn't get it off my eye! It was the most dreadful thing I have experienced. Even after going to town with my makeup wipe, and then a Chanel eye makeup remover it wouldn't come off. It stained my eye for 2 days. And nothing would cover it, so I was stuck with wearing the blue eyeliner look for in total 3 days. This makes me sad, I had high hopes. This is in fact TOO waterproof!
 It applies like I said suspiciously like the MAC and Illamasqua ones. The applicator and packaging is identical just with a different brand name printed on the label. It isn't realistic with this kind of applicator to want to put on a thin layer, it always comes out to be more of a medium to heavy thickness.
 22$ for 0.05 oz. Which is WAY to overpriced for such a small amount of product.
I would not repurchase this, I am not a fan of stila liquid liners in general anyways. If you want one similar to this get the Illamasqua one. I have the MAC one and when you take it off the eyeliner balls up in tiny balls and beads off your eye which could scratch your eye and cause some serious damage. And of course this eyeliner stains so opt for the Illamasqua one.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bobbi Brown Corrector Concealer Review!

This past weekend I went to Sephora, and noticed that they finally have a section of Bobbi Brown. Since I got their early enough, practically no one was in the store so I got the pleasure of looking around the new stand, by my self, without other people hovering over me waiting for me too leave so they can look!  I was so excited about this, mostly because of the fact I wanted to try Bobbi Browns face products because they look light enough for me! I was completely right! Unfortunately the one thing I really wanted to try was the skin foundation, they only had the second lightest shade, porcelain. For me I am definitely Alabaster because of the fact that all of Bobbi Browns face products tend to lean more yellow. Since I am textbook cool, I would definitely be Alabaster which has some yellow in to counteract redness, but has the right amount of pink to work. In the concealer it is all different. The one i ended up picking up is the one in porcelain Bisque. This has pink undertones in it, as you can see in pictures below, and since my arm is basically even skin (meaning no splotches of red/pink/discoloration) it shows a tad bit off in color, but still a good match. On my actual face it's gorgeous! matches really nicely, and since it is a corrector concealer it counteracts all the colors you don't want on your face, like red for spots, and blues and purples for under eye areas. I find that i like this more for spots and blemishes more than on the under eyes, because it creases on me because it is pretty full coverage. The concealer itself is very creamy and pigmented. I would say depending on how much you use it is a medium coverage to very full coverage concealer. I think this is great for us cool, incredibly pale skinned people. I think guys could get away with wearing this even because Bobbi brown designed this to blend perfectly into peoples skin tone. Because in all truth no one has completely pink undertones. Even if you are super cool toned like me, you still have some yellow pigment in your skin. I love this concealer and this has replaced my favorite concealer.. which is the Kat Von D tattoo concealer in Porcelain.

Hummingbird Heartbeat

Bonjour! Long time no post, sorry about that! Life has been taking priority, and probably school has taken center stage. I have an AP exam next Friday, that I am absolutely thrilled about. I had a nice relaxing day, picked up some stuff for my face at the mall.. other than that I did nothing :) So i decided to  release some of my emotions through this look (since my eye is my canvas). People are stressing me out, specifically that of males.  I wanted to convey a sense of an alternate reality in which a forest nymph is the focus. I feel if I was any mythical creature at all, I am pretty confident that I would be something along the lines of a mermaid or a fairy. I still wish sometimes, and even think sometimes that i am in my fantasy world in my head, because everything is so... just so! I got inspired to name this after Katy Perry's song, because I felt it appropriate. Everything about the song is perfect, the lyrics, the back round music. Well.. I hope you enjoyed this, and if you have any requests just let me know!

Revlon Eternal Summer Palette
Bare Minerals Refresh E/s
MAC Lucky green E/s
MAC Bows & Curtsys E/s
Milani E/s in Shamrock
MUFE E/s in #3
MAC Fascinating E/l
Physicians Formula New Mascara
Wet N Wild green ( For Eyebrows)
Green Glitter from Michaels
Jewels from Michaels