Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lime Crime Lipstick Swatches!

So I think it is time for me to review these since I have had them since July of last year :P Anyway I know there is a lot of "Negative" feedback over this company but I really don't see why. I don't really have a side in the war, but I will say that I like Lime Crime's products. After I got these lipsticks I started seeing videos popping up all over about how horrible these lipsticks were. In my opinion I think they are creamy, maybe a tad drying when your lips aren't properly moisturized but not more than any other lipstick. I think the lipsticks are creamy, extremely opaque, and come in unicorn packing. That alone was motive for me to buy them! I think the only negative I found with these are they wiggle a bit ( meaning the lipstick inside the tube, like it might break almost). That is it. I am going into this will a clear mind, and nothing is altering my opinion on these. I think they are good quality, they are a little pricey for the amount that you get (which is a little under what you would get with a MAC lipstick, which is $14, while a lime crime lipstick is $16). Overall i really like these! My favorite is D'Lilac, the purple!!

From Left to Right: Styletto, Cosmopop, Great pink planet, No she didn't, D'lilac

Top to Bottom:  Great Pink Planet, No she Didn't, D'lilac

Top to bottom: Styletto, Cosmopop, Great Pink Planet


  1. I was so keen to get one before I heard all the negativity surrounding the company and I got too intimidated about purchasing from LC. That's one thing I dislike about the blogger world I guess, it's like the playground and you either follow the crowd in opinions otherwise they force their opinion on you and turn their nose up at what you have to say!

    So good on you for going ahead and buying these. I quite like the colors.

  2. Lovely swatches! I'm not a lipstick person (they dry my lips out too much) so I'd probably stay away but I can't wait to see what looks you come up for these!

  3. I wonder what the pink and lilac would look like if blended together!! Hmmmm!