Friday, August 19, 2011

Hard Candy Baked Blushes!

Hallo schöne menschen!! I literally just got back from vacation yesterday night, it was a long drive.. 13 miserable hours in a car that almost stopped in the middle of the road.. luckily we were in Jacksonville ( Just a BTW this was written a good two weeks ago... so yes I am alive). Any how, I had saved this draft ( Draft saved total of 3 times -__-) from before I left to quickly get up when i got back. These blushes don't have the best memories for me because when I got them all it was either 1. because while we were waiting for my beloved dog, buttercup, at the vet they told us to go grab lunch or go do something for about an hour. And 2. because the only way you can get your hands on these blushes is by stumbling your way into Walmart. To me Walmart is just the worlds biggest contradiction. I won't bore you with my Walmart rant, but I will say that those people who started "People of Walmart" were on to something.

On to the actual blushes. I first picked up the "Honeymoon" blush.. thinking it would be a nice highlighting color because it looks quite similar to MAC's mineralize duo blush in "Moon River". As I have both, I can say that this doesn't show up to great on my skin.. and maybe it's because I am so fair, and I just have a certain luminosity to my skin already ( Well shucks Megan, don't tut your own horn.).. But it wasn't that noticeable.. dry. Wetting the product makes for a nice glow to the skin. I think maybe this would work on medium to dark skin tones better. And I find myself hesitant to say that because I thought it would work on me and I am NW15. Definitely cooler skin tones would look best in this but, anyone could wear it and make it work. I should mention that I really like the packaging on these blushes, easy to open and close, its cute, I like the font ( I find fonts on products are more important that people come to think), and I like how pretty baked blushes look. They make you want all of them because each one is unique in the sense that they all have different veining.

Next blush I recieved as a gift. Some really nice woman on Makeup Alley sent me a care package after my dog died. She included this blush and a couple other things. I was beyond grateful for her kindness. But this blush is perfect for fair/light, and maybe even medium skin tones. It is a pinker/ rosier version of MAC's Dainty. Because it is baked it gives that nice glow to the skin that makes you just look very healthy. It has just the right pigmentation to it. Not to sheer, but not so pigmented you have to use a stippling brush and barely tap it in the pan. If you have a warmer skin tone this would be lovely for you, but if you are a fair skinned cool lady, like myself, it gives you a nice Rosy flush that complements what your natural flush should look like.

Today is Friday, and I would like to inform you all that school for me kicks back in on Monday. I have mixed feelings about it. I feel like this will be "My Year" so to speak. I have hardly any classes with people I dislike or need to steer clear of. I have good solid people in my core classes, and I am getting more self confidence as I get older, which is a good thing. As a recovering Anorexic and Bulimic, I am glad I am becoming more comfortable with my body. I also am working on a Fashion Blog and started to follow a bunch of really inspirational fashion bloggers. So yeah. That's all I wanted to say, hope you all have a great day!


  1. I had Living Doll and I loved it.. Until it cracked and shattered one day when I closed my drawer with a wee bit too much force (at the time it didn't seem like that much, but it was enough for it to bust)! Just be careful with these. School starts on Monday for me too, I'm so not looking forward to it! I also feel like it's going to be "my year". I hope anyways!


  2. The Hard Candy blushes look really pretty everytime I see them online!

    I briefly read about your ED issues in one of your older blog posts & related. I'm glad for you that (that's the way it sounded like to me at least!) it seems to be a somewhat temporary problem that's hopefully not that present anymore, at least I hope so.
    Throughout the past 5 years I'm happy when I can keep them somewhat at bay, but they're always very present, those nasty monsters eating up the mind. Hope they never come to you again! :-*

    Super cool to read you're learning German! I guess I have to find it cool since I am German as you might have read in my profile. It's always great to hear someone's learning your language, and it is one of the most spoken languages in the world afterall..
    The close relation to English could totally make it easier to learn imho - At least I found French harder to learn than English and, to include the last West Germanic language, Dutch can be so similar to German that as a German you can sometimes understand it without ever learning it. Not as much similarity between German and English, but still.
    Good luck!!

    At school my French was really great actually.. it's a shame I've not used it at all since then, so it probably sucks by now ^^ I often try to read French beauty blogs, news sites etc, but somehow I barely ever do it, meeeeh.. ^^


  3. Thank you guys both so much <3 <3