Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Im a Happy Camper Day :D

Today for me was genuinely a good day for me. Here in Florida the weather is finally starting to cool down a bit and be more tolerable. My morning started off very well, as I got a visit from my neighbors cat which I came to finds name is "Jello". How precious is that? Moving on, it was all up in the driveway loving on me. Despite me being semi-allergic to cats, it was greatly appreciated on "Jello's" part. 

My skin was also behaving, instantly making today a good day!

I rediscovered one of my all time favorite blushes yesterday, MAC'S Dainty, so I decided to wear it again today. It works wonders on fair skinned lovelies. I also rediscovered one of my favorite foundations, MUFE Face & Body in 38. May I add that this is the ONLY foundation that matches me perfectly, the only one! 

In this picture I am wearing an orange shirt but, thats my comfy "I just got home" shirt, I was wearing this really amazing purple velvet blazer and the eyeliner I have on is from MAC's newest collection. Its called Dark Diversion. I got it one because I swear to God I read somewhere that Anna Paquinn wore this on the first season of True Blood.

 And I was trying out the rounded cat eye trend.. I am not sure that I'm a fan.. I think i'm undecided on it.. What do you think?

Major Derppp Face :3

I also want some thoughts on something un makeup related. I really like this coat from ModCloth.. But I am afraid that I am too cool toned for it, or since that it is warm toned it would appear unflattering on me... Thoughts? Or shall I just stick with the grey one? AKA this one?

I promise I will have the Halloween look up by tomorrow!

Au Revior!



  1. I think the winged effect is quite nice, actually. I would probably have brought some of the Dark Diversion down into the lower lashline, but that's just me and a habit I do. :-3

  2. You think so? And I usually bring it down, but I was trying to copy the whole "runway" rounded wing. It didn't bring it down, so I didn't either :) But Yeah I am the same! I bring mine down just around the rims of my lower lashline to get a "Doe Eyed" look :3

  3. The eye look is really awesome!! This is coming from a die-hard winged liner fan though mind you ^^

    Since I think the orange of the shirt looks flattering on you, at least in the flashlight, I'd say the warm yellow of the coat might just work as well, hmmm.. Is there a chance you can try on both?
    I leanred a whole lot about the color season type issue a little while back.. and have come back to thinking again that all *supposed to wear* lists are just no good... And we have to make one up for ourselves, by trying things on and then taking a good look. :s ^^

  4. I love the colour of the liner with your bright blue eyes! Now I need to obsessively Google the True Blood makeup *___*

  5. I think the yellow would look fine on you, but I am a huge fan of anything mustard yellow so I may be biased, haha. I'd say go with whatever you're most comfortable in - if you buy something you know you won't be comfortable wearing, it'll just stay camped out in your closet!
    And the liner looks awesome =).