Monday, December 12, 2011

IM NOT DEAD!! I Promise!!

Hey Guys!!
Long time no see, eh? Well Im so sorry! Around the end of October stuff started happening with my family, and school starting flaring up as well as my health started to take a toll. I was in and out of the doctors office all October and then before I knew it Halloween was here and gone. I couldn't put any of my pictures up or anything. Weeks following I took a trip up to Savannah, GA. I made an executive decision that I am going to go to SCAD for college. It was such as cool experience, I can't even explain how much I  love that place. I love it. And now for Christmas... midterms are coming up.. so I won't be able to do any christmas themed makeup.... this week!! I will most definitely do some next week though because I am off ALL WEEK!! So give me some suggestions as to what you want to see.
I plan on also doing a Hunger Games series makeup where I do all of the Districts!! Im so excited for the movie, i can't contain myself.
I am once again sorry for any "withdraws" that you have had from my absence.. ( Like you have withdraws from me... pshhhh.)
Anyways I love you guys and I will see you soon, I promise!
Also I have a fashion blog, if you want to check it out... Its called ""
Au Revior!

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