Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Margarita Monday Eyes & Fair wells :(

Hey all! So I did this look yesterday using some Lime Crime stuff :) I did this out of complete and total boredom, and randomness as well. It was poring down rain, and thundering and lighting when I did this so... yeah. I would have shown you all both eyes but truth be told, I only had one False eyelash, lame!! But other than that life Update: I will soon be at my grandmas house in Ohio, and will there for disconnected to the internet because she doesn't have wireless :( And sadly her neighbors don't either ( Not like I would steal their internet or anything..) I will still bring my laptop their, and who knows maybe we could pop into a starbucks one day, and bam internet connection!! And to add to that I will be posting like crazy on here to make up for the 2 and a half weeks I will be gone. In other news I got my face lasered OUCH!! and yeah, so that is a little update on my behalf, and I hope you understand.

Products used:

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Shimmer Mint Shade stick ( semi colorful base)
NYX jumbo pencil in Lemon ( another semi colorful base)
NYX Eyeshadow in Wild Fire ( on the lid)
MAC Pigment in Gilders Green ( Outter lid, and up into the crease)
Lime Crime Magic Dust In Lime Criminal ( Dominant crease color, lower lash line)
MAC Peacocked Glitter eyeliner Pencil
Kat Von D Tattoo eyeliner in Trooper
NYX Fabulous lashes in 110

The body shop brow kit in #1

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