Sunday, August 15, 2010

Eye Kandy Swatches & Review

So About a week or so ago I bought these Lovelies at my local facial/beauty place. On the way out of my lasering session I saw a display of these puppies, and was immediately drawn to the sparkly, pretty colors! I was so excited!! I chose two colors to come in this "Kit" that was about 24$. This kit includes two glitters of your choice, a brush to apply the glitter with, and a mixing medium to stick to the glitter. I got the colors in "Candy corn", which their website described as a light copper color (think the color of Candy corn ) is a super fine glitter meaning that it is the easiest and most wanted "formula" for glitters. The other color I purchased is called "Candy Cane" ( do you pick up on the Holiday theme?!?!?) The website describes that it is a Fuschia dark pink ( pretty accurate) and this is also a super fine glitter. Overall I really like these! It says in the instructions to first apply a darker eyeliner underneath the glitter to make it really POP! In my experience It did not flake on me, and it did not move!! I tried it on my hand first, and tried to rub it off .. and by gosh it wouldn't come off!! No matter how hard I rubbed!

Here is the Mixing medium called "Liquid Sugar". I was pretty much sold after seeing this! another plus about it is you get a whole lot of product!! 1 oz. for a Mixing medium is a lot of product and good for about 250 applications. It makes the glitter stick all day!!

My least favorite part of the kit. A crappy little pink brush that is bent, may I add, and is about the size of my pinky finger. It has in between a rough and semi soft feel to it. Mine was bent to I don't use it. I found that my Sephora bent liner brush applies this way better!

Here are the little jars they came in. Each Jar says it has a net weight of 5 grams, but I don't know how much is actually in the jar ( product wise). But on each jar it says "Sprinkles" Eye and body glitter. Each Jar also comes with a sifter which is a plus.

It applies pretty nice, It can streak and leaves blotches of no glitter, which makes sense why the company says to put a dark eyeliner underneath. I put "Candy Cane" on today over top of black eyeliner and I got many compliments!

Overall I would suggest these too anyone is head over heals about glitter, or just likes some Oumph in their life, or rather everyday look! I love these and definitely will be buying more of these!! You can buy them here for $7. 50 each, or you can buy the kit like I did and for every glitter you buy it is only $6.00. They also sell minerals and other cosmetics. This website also goes primarily through PayPal, if you are like me and under nay circumstances will not go through PayPal don't worry and look HERE To see if any store near you have any :)


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