Friday, August 13, 2010

Vampire Awakening in August

Vampire EOTD in August... which isn't by far to early to start doing Halloween Looks :)
But before you say "Good God, have you ever heard of concealer Megan!" I intentionally made dark cast shadows ( or dark circles, I think the other sounds better and mystical O.0)
To portray the Whole "I'm a vampire and I haven't slept since the dawn of time" look. I also Darkened my brows a lot!!

( Not very Helpful :/ )

Lauren Luke Primer:
120 Palette shimmery wine red
120 Palette Matte darked bright plum
120 Palette Shimmery Burgandy
120 Palette Shimmery Steel grey
120 Palette Medium matte purple
120 Palette Matte Yellowed brown
120 Palette Matte Harvest moon yellow
120 Palette Matte Creamy white
Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner in Trooper
MAC Feline Eye khol


Take your desired primer and prep lids. Next add the Shimmery Red wine color all over your lid with a flat shader brush. Take the Matte darkened bright plum with a blending brush and take it into the crease, as well as on the lower lash line ( thickly). Using the same crease brush take the shimmery burgandy color and apply to the very outer lid and bring it up half way across the crease.
Using the steel grey color and the same crease brush apply this to the outer "V", and blend it all together. Take the creamy matte white color and use this to highlight under your brow bone.

For the dark cast shadows Take the Medium matte purple color on a tapered fluffy brush and lightly dust around your natural dark circles to enhance them. Using the medium yellow brown shade concentrate this mainly around the inner and outer part of your dark cast shadows, using a light hand. Finally take the harvest moon yellow color and apply this lightly ( again, this is key!) over everything you just " contoured" for you dark circles.

Add a thin layer of eyeliner making it thicker as you go, and take Feline Eye khol and draw it on your waterline. Next add a layer/ coat of mascara and your Done!!

Enjoy & Viola!

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