Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Midnight Peacock EOTD

Lauren Luke Primer
MAC Pagen E/s ( Inner corner, green color )
MAC Aquadesiac E/s ( All over E/s color, mixed with Suave intentions)
MAC Blue Flame E/s ( Base liner for the darker blue on the upper lash line)
MAC Suave Intentions E/s ( All over E/s color, mixed with Aquadesiac, also on lower lash line)
MAC feline Eye khol ( On the waterline, smudged down a bit)
MAC Brassy Fluid Line ( The gold color of the peacock feather things )
120 Palette Spring Green color ( Around all of the peacock feather things)
120 Palette Darker bright blue ( Dark blue liner on the upper lashline, and in the center of - -peacock things)
Dior Show Mascara

No breakdown today guys :( I am so tiered and I feel weak, my Anemia is coming back, and to be honest It would be hard to post a breakdown of this!! My only advise to re-create this is to follow where I said I put the colors, and for the shape I used tape. For the Peacock feather things, make a tear drop shape and take your time!! It took me like a half an hour to finish ONE eye!! I messed up three times and started over again, be patient!! I did this early too, so I was still sleepy :)

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