Thursday, August 12, 2010

Revlon Photoready swatches.. but no review :(

Okay so I got this foundation on a whim, because I had heard such good things about it!! But to my disappointment, even though I purchased the lightest shade that my CVS carried in Vanilla, It was still too dark!! Darn you Revlon and MAC!! So I will give you my initial thoughts on it when I did put it on my face ( this is how I realized it was too dark ) I thought it was very, very glowy. If you actually look close in the bottle and in the actual foundation you can see the "shimmer/ glitter " in it. So it is a really nice finish, and I also felt it to be really light. You know like in feel, you can tell when you have a heavy foundation because it feels like you have a mask on, and It also had I would say a medium to Full coverage application. I would probably match this foundation to a person who has ( In MAC ) either Nc/Nw 15 - 20 skin. Poor me has only foundation matches in a few brands because of my N10 skin ( N= neutral), and probably N5 Body :( I will probably give this to one of my friends, or keep it just because ( you know you've done it before :D ).
Overall: 7 1/2
Price: 10
Coverage: 8
Finish: 9
Colors: 5

Another plus it actually comes with a PUMP!! Unheard of!!

The Formula is VERY, VERY liquidy!! Like it might run off you hand in a matter of seconds!! Or face...

This picture makes it look like it matches my skin tone, but my friends that is the power of flash photagraphy!

And here is the ugly truth :( Poop on you Revlon for not making colors that suit ghostly white shades!! Where is the diversity!!

And don't get me wrong I would definitely recommend this foundation for anyone on a budget or just a good drugstore foundation! I have heard people compare this to MUFE HD foundation, so definitely worth a try!!

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