Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Salute You: Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer in #2

I'm back from vacation as you can probably tell. I am going to start a new series of sorts.. a tribute, I guess you could say, to the most amazing products that if they were alive, real, and walking.. I would most definitely salute them for all that they do. This is the first installment! 

Stating a little bit of the obvious but, this is the Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer in #2. I have had this concealer for well over 3 years (sounds like a long time when i actually write it.. like probably it should have been in zee garbage..). Any who... I love this concealer. It for me is like magic in a 22$ tube. It is waterproof, which translates into sweat proof .. which translates into perfect for me, since I live in Florida. It doesn't cake up for me, glides on to my skin like a dream. 

 Onto the color. I must say that now since I have started to use self tanner and lay out in the sun a little bit.. it doesn't quite match me. A tad too light. But when I was a perfect NW10 it matched me to a tee! It is cool toned but not overly pink.. it carries a neutral quality to it.. whilst still being cool toned! Now onto my biggest pet peeve. They discontinued this shade in the United states. What the heck MUFE? I mean do they think we don't need it? Was it because not enough profits were being made off of this particular shade? Why did you do such a thing? I remember when I first heard about the news, I was on MakeupAlley. Fair skinned ladies of MUA were as devastated as I was. The worst part? Knowing there was no way that you could go rush out and get a backup because the only sephora in your area is closed for construction, and because it was removed from the website.
Well with all of the sadness aside. I salute you Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer In #2, for making me not look like a hormonal pimply teenager with bad skin or making my skin worse, and for not letting my face melt off in summer. For that I salute you. You made me look flawless.
(Seriously.. when I saw this I laughed for a longer period of time than I probably should.)


  1. That's so silly that they'd discontinue a single shade and not an entire line :|

  2. LOL. Oh Spongebob. I guess it's time to hunt for a dupe? I'm sorry it was discontinued!

  3. Hello neighbor! Didn't know you had a blog!