Saturday, August 21, 2010

Deadly Nightshade

Hello all. Today my creative juices were flowing, and I came up with this. A little off topic but I want to rant about somethings that are coming up. First off I have decided to start making YouTube videos! I will start my Debut on Tuesday/ Wednesday. I am not sure what the video will be on or about.. so Any ideas? Second I am starting high school on Monday 0_0. Needless to say I am having mixed feelings on the subject, and am scared basically out of my mind! Moving on Third, I recently swapped with some one for Archetype Cosmetics pigments ( Not sure if I said this before or not??) and I think I asked for about 20 or so.. either way I am excited to get them in the mail! Last thing I promise, but later on Today I am getting my hair done, and I will be getting bleached a lot lighter ( think Gaga)! And yeah.. so on to the breakdown?

Lauren Luke Primer
MUFE Aqua Cream in #18
MAC Beautiful Iris E/s
MAC Lotus Land E/s
MAC Illegal Cargo E/s
MAC Violet Trance E/s
MUFE #92 E/s
MAC Fertile E/s
MAC Danger zone Trio ( Red)
Kat Von D Liner in Trooper
MAC Feline Khol Pencil
MAC Blanc Type E/s
Dior Show Mascara

What I did:
1. I primed my lid with an eyeshadow base, and added a little bit of the aqua cream and just applied it to my lid. Next I took Beautiful Iris and patted it on overtop of the aqua cream.
2. I added Lotus Land on the outer half of the lid, and then took a crease brush and took Illegal Cargo to my crease, as a base crease color. To make it a bit more color as the base crease color I took violet trance and applied a bit of that. Finally to add deepness I took the MUFE eyeshadow and piled it over top of the base crease colors, and made it swoop out into a cat like shape.
3. Then I lined my upper lash line and made a slightly exaggerated wing. From their I took the aqua cream and made a line following that of the liner and following it out to the end of the eyeshadow shape. Next I took a small pencil/ eyeliner brush and took fertile and followed my natural crease shape and followed the aqua cream line I had just previously made.
4. I took the eyeliner in the very inner part of my eye and extended it making a triangle like shape. Then I lined my waterline with Feline, and made a messy line from the outer part of my eye coming almost all the way in stopping just short of the tear duct area. Then I made it "fling" out in the same direction as the extended one on the upper lash line. In the area separating the upper and lower liner I applied a the red from the danger zone Trio.
5. I took the same red color and followed the line from the black eyeliner on my upper lashline, except I followed it with the red on the other side, and extended it a little further than the black liner on the top.
6. Then I took Blanc Type and highlighted my brow bone. Finally I added my mascara the I was done!!

Viola, your done :)

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