Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rare Breed EOTD

So Aloha! I did this look yesterday and was very pleased with the turnout! I never, ever thought I would be one of those people that would ever be able to do a leopard print on my eyes! I was to say the least very proud of myself! My shaky, spasming hand was not going to make me mess up this time!! Anyway, I wanted to say that I just swapped with someone on Makeup Alley for "Archetype Cosmetics" Pigments!! I am so excited considering the fact that I have heard about how bad their customer service is, and when I found this lady that was selling all of the ones she had I went CRAZY!! I just shipped my end of the swap to her, so she should get it soon! I am Duper, Super excited!!

Lauren Luke Primer ( using it up, thank God!!)
MAC Smoke & Diamonds E/s
MAC Concrete E/s
MAC How Zats E/s
BE Classic Rock E/s
120 Palette Medium Grey E/s
120 Palette Sparkly silver E/s
MAC Feline Eye Khol
Kat Von D Tattoo liner in Trooper
Dior Dior Show Mascara

What Ya need to do:

Take your desired primer and prime your eye with it. Now take a Smoke & Diamonds and put it all over the eye lid. Next Place concrete and put it on the inner half of your eye, blend the two together. Using a crease brush take How Zats and place it in the outer crease and blend to the inner crease. Take Classic rock and go over the inner crease, and into the tear duct area.
Get your Medium Grey color and blend How Zats with the other crease colors.

Using my Trooper Eyeliner I lined my lid thickly and made an over exaggerated wing. I brought the eyeliner into the inner corner as well, making an acute triangle shape. I then Made 6 dots near my brown bone using the same eyeliner. Using Feline I lined my waterline, and drew a messy line on my lower lashline. I then took a smudge brush, and brought the color slightly down. I next took my trooper liner and "spikes" connecting to the smudged Feline. * A tip is to pull down gently on the skin below your eye and make a longer spike than you would make, then release and it will be perfect size because your under eye has stretchy skin*. Make three spike going from largest in the outer most part to smallest in the inner most part.

For the Leopard prints make a "U" shape, then a dot, and repeat but turn the "U" in different directions to make it look more real. Do this till you get down to the wing of the eyeliner. Now I took Fix+ and sprayed it on my bent liner brush and put it into the sparkly silver color, making a liquid eyeliner kinda texture. I then took it and filled in all of the "U" shapes I made. The last thing I did was take the silver paste and put it in between each "spike". The very last thing you do is apply one coat of mascara!

Viola, your done!!

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