Friday, August 20, 2010

Autumn Serinade EOTD

So I did this today Inspired by the weather and season coming up!! That of course would be fall. For me Fall is my all time favorite season, because I love Halloween! I did this a fun everyday look for fall. It is easily wearable ( Minus the crescent moon jewel, But If you rock it all the more power to you!). Also if you have Blue eyes this would look amazing on you!


Lauren Luke Primer
MAC Amber Lights
MAC Cranberry
MAC Beauty Marked
MAC Henna
MAC Blanc Type
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper
MAC Black line Eye pencil
Dior Show Mascara
Optional Crescent Moon jewel

* Broken Record* Put on an eyeshadow base, and put Amber Lights all over the eye lid and crease. Make sure you make a defined angle for the eyeshadow shape. Next just take Cranberry and add it just into the outer crease, blend colors together. Taking Beauty Marked Eyeshadow use a pencil brush and place it in the outer "V". Make sure not to over blend the color. I used a lip brush surprisingly for the next step. I took Henna and placed it over top of the crease eyeshadow right on the top! Blend quite a bit, but still make it stand out ( you know what I mean??). I also took Henna and put it under on my lower lash line.
My same old, same old eyeliner routine... Take the Trooper liner and line your upper lash line making a slight wing. Last steps were taking the Black line pencil, which is a black with a mysterious gold sparkle in it, and lined my waterline. Finally Add you favorite Mascara!

Viola, your done :)


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