Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Revlon Lipstick Swatches

This lipstick is absolutely *Beautiful* on, and in the tube! It is a red/ purple color with a pearl finish and because of the pearl finish, it makes your lips look like they already have gloss on! It is probably going to be a staple for me around Christmas! Or should I say Christmahanakwanzika :) Oh and the formula is a very small amount drying.

This lipstick is a matte finish, and the color could be described two ways.. the first is either a darker bubblegum pink color... or a light dusty rose. It is a really nice color, It is a close match to my lips when applied heavier ( as seen above). But when you apply only a swipe of the lipstick it can be a really nice sheer yet bright... yet dark pink color 0.0.... If that made any sense to you, you my friend deserve an award :) The formula on this is more drying than others because it is a Matte finish, so definitely put a gloss over it!

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