Saturday, October 2, 2010

PSA: Halloween Themed Makeup

So if you are like me and obsessed with Halloween, and also obsessed with makeup I am sure you Love Halloween themed makeup! So I put together a list of Companies that are selling Halloween themed makeup! Enjoy :)

Suds n Sass
This company has three Halloween themed sets! But the main "Halloween themed" one is sold out :( But the other two kits look divine!
-The first one is the Autumn Kit:( just ordered this!)
This includes 3 Full size eyeshadows, 1 full size glitter, and 2 Full size Kiss my sass glosses. All for 25$
Available here
-The Second kit is the gloss kit:
This one includes 2 Full size Kiss my sass glosses in Candy corn, and witches brew. All for 10$!
Available here

Morgana Minerals
This Company I have been eyeing for a while! The colors look great and I love the gothic, punk theme to everyone of her products! This site has a whole collection of 8 Halloween themed eyeshadows. What is really nice is that you can buy the eyeshadows in a number of ways, and sizes. The collection includes:
Harbinager, Cryptic, Underworld, Brew Haha, Zombie Tramp, Bloody Mary, She Creature, and All Holos-Gleam.
Available here

* Glamour Doll eyes did have a Halloween set out.. two actually but they all sold out!! So if you are interested in those eyeshadow sets go to this page to learn more about how you can get the sets back! Here
Look at what they look like here :)

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