Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An FOTD During the week??? Unheard of!!

Did you know I had freckles on my nose? I do!! No idea where they come from though... I am English, German, Swedish, Dutch, and Cheeroke ? Obviously didn't get the natural tan from my Native American Ancestors :( I have no Blush on, my apologies.... I haven't had time lately from all of the hustle and bustle of every day life. Hopefully I will be able to do some halloween looks this weekend :) Any requests? Let me know!
Anyways I got an iphone 4 on Sunday! It is amazing, and just amazing! Getting back on track I have quite a bit of mail *hopefully* coming this week. I have two things coming from swaps and one order I placed. I ordered about 20 Samples from Fyrinnae :D ( My first order), and From the swaps I am getting 50 pigments custom made for me along with an Everyday Minerals blush sample AND 2 LE Fyrinnae Samples. From the other swap I am getting the MAC DeSquared Sculpt and Shape duo :)
Hopefully they will all come this week!
Have great week My pretties * channels the wicked witch*

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