Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mascara Comparison!!

So today I am doing a little mascara comparison between all of the Mascaras I currently have at the moment being :) So below is my NAKED Eye O.o
Urban Decay's Skyscraper Mascara
So Thoughts on this mascara... I really love it!! It is very lengthening, and I have never experienced clumping with this mascara. The brush is probably the best I have ever used. Will definitely repurchase! It doesn't add volume, just length :)
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FRESH Firebird Mascara
This mascara is more for natural looking lashes. Doesn't really add a lot of volume or length, but a good everyday mascara. I like the brush, but it is bigger than most. Never experienced clumping, can come off a little bit around the eye corner though, in my experience :) Might repurchase.
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NYX Doll eyes Mascara
Okay this is in my bottom two. Not the last but the next one up! It clumps ( I find) Not very easy but It definitely can, and It makes my lashes stick together in all ways. Upper and lower stick together & Lashes next to each other stick together! Will not repurchase.
Purchase (if you want) here

Pixie Voluptuous Lashes Mascara
Worst Mascara I have ever used, next to Rimmel Sexy curves!! It makes my lashes clump as soon as I apply it, It makes them stick together (once again in all ways), and when I blink my eyelashes are stuck together for at least 30 seconds before I can open my eyes! I like the brush, and wanted it to work ... but it didn't! Never ever repurchase!
Purchase ( if you want) here

Dior Dior show Mascara

Definitely in my top two!! It volumizes my lashes while giving my lashes crazy length! It doesn't smudge easily or clump! The brush is huge for crazy thick dramatic lashes, for day or night! I love this mascara, but when I first bought it I wasn't crazy about it. Just shows you to give products a second chance! Will repurchase
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Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara

Love this one too! It is organic, and good for your eyes which is a major plus!! It also comes with an amazing brush, and in turn it makes my lashes have some volume, and lengthens pretty nicely! More lengthening than anything, and I will definitely repurchase! But it does have a sort of "dirty/ Earthy" smell to it... don't let that turn you off!
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Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara

This mascara I just got so I can do a first impression thoughts on it. I think it lengthens and defines your lashes pretty well, and only ( as seen in the picture) balls up as in mascara balls a teeny tiny bit!! The brush also reminds me insanely of dior shows! I really like it so far, and it is supposed to help you grow your lashes, which is always good! Will repurchase so far!
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Hope you enjoyed my collage of Mascaras!!
!!Au Avoir!!


  1. I LOVE organic wear mascara! It's really really good and makes my lashes soft all day. That one and Dior Show looked the best on you.

  2. I agree!! And thank ya kindly!