Monday, September 20, 2010

Quickie: Wet N Wild Vanity Palette Swatches

My "Quickie" thoughts on this. For the price of around 6-8$ it is totally worth it! The pigmentation is Phenomenal for drugstore eyeshadows ( don't tell but it is better than * a few* of my MAC eyeshadows, * ahem* Violet trance). I like that it includes a warmer side, and in return a cooler side. It also includes a side with mattes and shimmers. The only thing I am not fond of about this particular product is the plastic packaging and the "seal" that keeps it so no one can get into it at the store. No joke took me about 10 minutes to open the darn thing.. and I got two 0_0. Overall a really good product, and for 6-8$ it is worth a try!

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