Monday, September 6, 2010

Archetype Cosmetics Review & Swatches

Let me start out first by saying that I did not get these from the actual company meaning that I did not order them from their website, but I swapped with someone on Makeup Alley for these because let me tell you that I LOVE the names of these pigments!! Seriously I love halloween and creepy names so these "rung my bell" if you will.
My initial reaction was that these pigments in the bags were gorgeous!! They have nice duo-chromes and look really special and unique. I was happily surprised when I swatched them and they turned out beautiful, and The swatches below are all dry. Can you imagine what they look like wet??
I don't have that many Con's to these mainly because I swapped for them and didn't buy from the website. I have heard that it takes more than forever to get your order from the owner. I have heard insane stories of people not receiving their order until after they filed a paypal dispute and it took 3-4 months. I would HIGHLY suggest getting these ( if you are interested) via swapping. I can't put a negative tick mark on these pigments because I love them!
My only Cation to you all would be to swap ( can't stress enough) and if you do order from them be prepared to wait a while. Look at other blogs that actually did buy from their website, and make your decision based off of your gut and knowledge.
But I give these products an A++

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