Thursday, September 16, 2010

Napolean Perdis Dramatic Eyeshadow Quad Review

So this packaging is very appealing due to the sultry woman on the packing, but It very much so reminds me of a chanel quad maybe a little more of a rectangle shape and the clasp is kind of stiff to open, because it is a very hard plastic. It is semi compact so you could definitely throw this into a purse... not so much a clutch.
The price if I remember correctly was around 32$- 38$. Was this palette worth that in my opinion, No not even close. If I made this ( based on everything) I would price it around 15$-20$.
Quality/ Pigmentation:
The quality of this palette is meh... It isn't great but it isn't that bad. The pigments swatched over primer ( above) is about average. The eyeshadows look almost identical to Chanel ones ( not the color, but the shape) and the pigmentation is okay swatched on your hand, but on your eye the pigmentation quite frankly is kinda sucky. I will have to try other primers with it on my eye but I was seriously disapointed! As for the individual eyeshadows my favorite is the black. Soft, smooth, and so black its blue. The white color is a silvery/ greyed/ white... hard to describe. The purple is a cool mid toned purple with blue undertones to it. The blue shade is a darker bright midnight blue? Get that analogy? It is very close to Blue flame but less dark.

Overall I would rate this a C. I probably wouldn't have wasted my money if I knew the pigmentation on my lids would be so bleh ( the black is the best one!!). I will give it another try but I wouldn't waste your money if you don't absolutely NEED it. You can get this @ Ulta :)

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