Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NYX Jumbo Pencil's Swatches/ Update

Okay, I feel pretty proud how quick I am pumping these posts out! Any who, I picked up these after seeing how pretty the colors were.. and I have a bunch of jumbo pencils anyway. I got them in the shades Purple, and Rocky Mountain Green. I like the green one a lot better because it is more consistent in application, the purple one is complex in colors so it isn't consistent in application ( You can see this around the edges in the photos below). 
I just got back to school today and it was grueling and just horrid waking up so early. I am getting up a lot of posts today because I won't do it this weekend because I want some well deserved relaxation time. I just recently had midterms which gave me additional stress. I am thinking of doing a "Artistic" look on Friday, and possibly filming a Youtube video? Any thoughts on what I should do it on? Well to get on with the Swatches, and cease the rambling.. here are the in depth photos :)


  1. So pretty! I really wish they sold NYX at Sephora, since my Ulta is really far away.