Thursday, January 20, 2011


Okay let me say first off, this was love at first sight. It is a " Say yes to Carrots" product, Love them to bits and pieces. And these claim to make you face feel nourished, and even says that when you wipe with there wipe that you don't even need to wash your face afterward. Do I believe that? Possibly. Would I test it out? That is a negative. But I do think that these are a billion times better than any other wipes I have bought, including MAC wipes. They really do nourish the skin, and make it feel "Refreshed!". I will definitely be re-buying them, again, and again, and you guessed it again :)
And they have the Happy Bunny on the package, and clearly states "Against Animal Testing!" Rock on Say yes to carrots! You make me proud.. it is hard to find companies that carry those symbols on their packaging. I love them already, and animal testing is something I take strong offense to and disagree with, with all of my heart. Win.


  1. Oh my gosh. I need to try this. I think the whole feeling refreshed has me hook, line, and sinker. :D

  2. I enable a lot :) And they are great.. didn't mention this but the wipes themselves are pretty big! great price for the quality!

  3. They really are great, I was so amazed at how well they removed make-up! Plus being biodegradeable and creulty-free makes them winners in my book too! (I was actually going to write on a review on these soon!)

  4. I SO agree!! I LOVE these wipes, can't live without them now. Good to see someone else loves them, too!