Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Are you Warm or Cool?

I  thought this would be helpful to a bunch of people, the quest to find your undertone. I know that there are more sub-divisions like having an olive undertone, or a peach, or a beige undertone. This is a basic way to find what you are in the world of your skin!

As you can see above, I took a a picture of my veins. This is the easiest way to know your undertone. Are your veins more blue, or are they more green tinted? Mine as you can see above are most definitely blue. You can also see that the skin on my arm is pink tinted. If you have warm skin it would be more yellow hued.

The next way to tell if you couldn't figure it out the first time is my taking a gold piece of jewelry, and a silver one and comparing them to your skin. I used earrings that are identical, but just different colors. As  you can see already the silver compliments my skin more than the gold does. If you think that both of these flatter you skin you could quite possibly be neutral.

The two side by side. Make you observations here.

Here are the two ontop of each other, and you can see that I was right, and the silver most definitely flatters my skin a lot more than the gold.
Cool skin : 2/2    Warm Skin: 0/2

The final way to tell if you are warm or cool is to take a very cool colored fabric, and a very warm colored fabric and put them on yourself and then see which flatters you more. I chose a bright blue, and a mustard yellow color. Final decision : I am definitely a cool toned individual :) The blue definitely flatters me more than the yellow! Now if you find that It was the opposite for you, you are warm. If you found both to flatter you in all three cases, you are neutral.. If you got a few warm , and some cool go with the majority :)



  1. good demonstration!! Where did you get the earrings - they're very pretty!

  2. Thank you! I got one pair at Express, and the other at Icing :)

  3. Finally! A picture demonstration. This was super helpful. I can now visualize what "cool" is really like. I always got confused because I heard the whole, "if you have pink undertones, that's a sign of cool coloring." Even though I can now tell I'm a warm, I do have some pink coming through, it's not like my skin is pure yellow :) Plus, I was also confused because people with cool coloring still looked like they had beige-ish skin to me. I mean know one's skin looks pure pink or blue, of course. So it was like, what's the difference? This is all a super long way of saying, "Thanks for helping me see the difference!" :) That silver and blue looks stunning on your skin, by the way.

  4. I love this! Now I know I am def warm toned! Thank You!