Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cultural Diversity

Ello! I wanted to do a series, one based on traditional makeup from countries all around the world. I am not talking about what people in lets say Indian wear on a day to day basis... but what they wear on special days... with the full face of "not everyday makeup". Like in Chinese Culture I know they do special makeup, called "Opera makeup". It is over top and absolutely fascinating. I know a bunch of people from ALL over read my blog.... I know people in Japan, Romania, Egypt, Shri Lanka, Germany and many more that read this blog. I am asking for your help, all of you, to show me, tell me or link me to what are special/ Traditional Makeup looks that your country does. 
Please Tell me the following:
~ What country/ Region you are from
~ If you live in a specific Tribe/ city that is native your particular "look" include that so I can specify.
~ Picture/ link so I can recreate it.
~ A little back round Info on what people wear this look to/ why.
~ If you don't have a "Look" native to the area you lived in/ live in then maybe send me a picture of monsters that natives in your culture believe in.

I live in the United States, and native to my country we have Halloween, where people wear all kinds of masks and scary makeup. We also have football games where people put special makeup on.. ( In the USA we don't have that "Cultural" of makeup.. bout a cultural as we get!) We do this because On Halloween it is a tradition you must dress up to get candy and ward off evil spirits... on Football game day's we do this to show our full support of our team.. here is a picture (insert picture link)..

And you can be completely Anonymous :) Please anything would be amazing!!
I will also get more posts up, this week was slow because I had midterms and just wanted to rest when I got home :)


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  1. This is such a wonderful idea! I hope lots of people submit cultural looks! :)