Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ice Queen

Hey Lovelies!
So I thought I would put this up because I am livid at my freaking computer, and sad that my friends are having fun talking to each other while I am moaping around sad that I am not... I always so how get left out of things... no matter what it is :( Anyone else have the same problem? Well anyways I did this today after I watched NikkieTutorials contest video, and heard the idea and I was interested! I don't think I am going to enter but it was fun doing, I don't have enough self confidence to do much of anything anymore :) I hope you guys had a good week, and I will be swamped with midterms so I might not get anything up... I hope you understand. I love you all 


  1. Definitely feeling the royal vibe here - great look!

  2. Wow! That is stunning! I think you should enter the contest I think you would totally win! Cheer up! Things will always get better again!

  3. This is an amazingly gorgeous look! Go for it and enter the contest.
    Have some self confidence, really it's more important than anything. Don't worry about being left out with all your friends, we all go through the same thing at some point in our life, if you have the confidence then you will know to push through life no matter what and ever second of difficult times you endure will make you a stronger person, learn to ignore these things and you can enjoy life to its fullest.
    Now I don't know the source of your low self confidence, but put everything behind you and focus on the present, go for the contest because what's the worst that could happen, really?
    Embrace uncertainty and forget the small things, there will always be a next time to hang out with your friends and they don't realise what they're missing out on

    Sorry for the essay, I just want to help as I have just been suffering from low self esteem recently and I just want to help, loving all your looks and looking forward to more in the future xxxxxxxxxx

  4. That was such a s nice comment! Thank you so much! Who ever you are thank you :)