Thursday, June 9, 2011

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Brush Review

Did I ever say I hoard brushes? Cause I do. So naturally, hearing about the release of these brushes, made by Sam from Pixiwoo.. I was bound to pick them up anyway, so I justified buying them. Their called "Real techniques", and If you have no clue who Sam from Pixiwoo is, well she is an amazing makeup artist that shares her knowledge about beauty and what not on YouTube. I got the "Core collection" and the stippling brush. I don't have very many face brushes simply because I use my fingers for most things on my face so I was like "ehh why not?". The case that the core collection comes in is neat, and can turn/fold/flip in anyway imaginable.. basically. 
One more thing to mention before I babble on about the brushes. The handles. The handles are, I would say, A pretty good length. Not too short like holiday edition MAC brushes, or too long like most think about Sigma brushes. They're an in between. The bottom end of the brush is a rubbery material, and the top is a shiny looking (finger print visible) material. Other than when you get your brushes ucky and you can noticeably see the uckiness.. their great. That just bother me being OCD and all.

This is the only brush that didn't come in the "Core Collection". Its the stippling brush, and I must say "DAMN". This is a great brush. It hasn't shed *once*, I swear on my life. And the bristles on this brush are shorter than other stippling brushes, and the reason why I am pretty sure this brush doesn't shed. It's revolutionary. I love it. I have lately been using it for my tinted moisturizer, and I like the finish... I still prefer my fingers though.

Buffing. A technique completely necessary for applying a foundation of any caliber over light coverage. I've never really seen a brush shaped, or have the same density as this brush does. Very unique to moi.. It's pretty sense so it lives up to it's name pretty well. I personally don't use anything heavier than light coverage on a daily basis, but I do use it for power, and precise blush application and I enjoy using it like that. I did try buffing my foundation in once when i was wearing my MUFE HD, and yeah it really is the "it" brush for blending.

I really genuinely like the color of this brushes hairs, strange? possibly. I like the fact that it is domed and round throughout the brush.. compared to the 209 from MAC. I find it shorter in hairs, which as i mentioned I really like, and because of that smaller over all but still living it up with the density. The thought process when I was using this brush was pretty much like "wow.. Wow... Wooooww". It contoured so nicely. Better than my 209. And now officially referred to as.. the better one :O

I wouldn't really call this a foundation brush, first off. I think I would use this for concealer, because as I have mentioned previously.. the brushes are small. I quite liked the fact they were shorter and smaller in all the other brushes but.. I really don't know for this one. If I haven't already said it, all of these brushes are made with synthetic hairs (VEGAN!!) which is a plus.. but I can't say I don't have anything like this.. cause I do.

On the back of the box that these brushes came in, it said that this brush can be used for precise concealer application.. pssh. I don't know about you all but for reference this brush is about the size of my pinky nail, and when I get "spots" they are no where near small.. Maybe its just me but I would never use this for concealer. I tried it but no. I do find that I like using this for lipstick application.


  1. Great review, excellent pictures! Now I really want that stippling brush it looks fantastic!

  2. Since you've tried brushes Samantha, I wonder if they are better than the Sigma or not? I'm hesitant to buy the Stippling Brush or brush f-80 from Sigma. What do you recommend? kiss!

  3. I have the F-80 from Sigma, and I would definitely recommend the one from Samantha! It is amazing. It still hasn't shed, and the sigma one has shed a many times. Also because the bristles are shorter the real techniques stippling brush blends product a lot easier. Hope that helps xx