Sunday, May 29, 2011

What I have been Up To: Summer/Spring Edition

So hello strangers! I am so sorry I have been away for so long. It is nearing summer and i have been really busy with school, and exams. I had my first AP exam the 6th of May and now I have all of my other class exams coming at the end of next week and the whole rest of the week. Thursday June, 9th is my last day of school for this year. Its going to be sad and emotional, because a lot of my friends are moving away.. and I probably wont get to ever see them again :(
My french teacher is retiring too, so that made me sad. She has a 99.1% success rate on exams too! But she did give us a booklet that allows us the opportunity to go to England, and France next summer! Its a ten day trip and I'm really excited!
The other thing thats been on my mind is boys... oh lordy. It always has something to do with boys doesn't it? Anyways ... i think if things work out the way I plan.. we might have something going on ;) But their is always a possibility of a roadblock popping up... which has a very good chance of happening. Things are looking good for me though!
With all of that I hope you guys understand the lack of posting. This summer I promise I will catch up again, I only have a few places to go this summer.. so maybe I will do some traveling posts :)
I hope you guys are all good and well... and I will talk to you guys next time!
With Love,

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