Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tarte For True blood Natural Cheek Stain

Part 2! The cheek stain! First of it is the same packaging as the other Tarte cheek stains, except the only difference being that this stain when opened has a cap on it. This particular one has soo much glitter or sparkles in the actual product when just looking at it. I took a picture below with out flash so you can properly see it. But this color turns out to be my perfect natural flush. It is a strawberry color, with gold sparkles like the lip tint. It shows up really nice on my skin, and blends really easily. This one I did notice has a smell that other Tarte cheek stains don't have, its almost fruity.. but not quite. I overall really like this product it looks really natural on me, and for darker skins it can be layered to build up pigment.

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