Thursday, December 30, 2010

Collective show and tell! Sephora, Meow, Claires, VS, and many more!

Hey Lovelies! I just wanted to share a collective overview of what I have accumulated in the past week! Some of it is from Christmas, some from the mall, some from CVS :) If you can handle it... scroll down and endure the major picture spam! Have a great day, and a Happy new year!!

Revlon Gold Coin
Revlon Cloud
Sinful Colors in ?
Sinful Colors Secret Admirer
Sinful Colors Queen of Beauty
Scarves from Claires
Another Scarf from Claires
Another Detailed view
Last Scarf!
Last Detail!
New brush cleaner from Sephora. Not as good as MAC's but it will do for now!
Swatches of:
Tiny Bubbles E.s, MUFE #82, MUFE rouge Artist intense in Moulin Rouge L.s

MUFE Eyeshadow in
Sephora Eyeshadow
in Tiny Bubbles
MUFE Rouge Artist Intense in
Moulin Rouge

Nail Growth Polish and Strawberry Softlips :)
Fresh Soy Face Cream
Wet N Wild Greed Palette
New Brush head, sensitive, for my Clarisonic!
A double sided perfume roller with DKNY delicious Perfumes.
In Green Apple.. and the pink one:)
Alice and Wonderland Inspired bracelet from Claires.
I love Alice in wonderland! <3
Four Perfumes from Victoria secret :)
Lost in fantasy, Wild Scarlet, Love spell, and Secret charm
So Sexy Detangler from Victoria Secret
Clinique All about the Eyes, Eye Cream

Meow Cosmetics!
Eyeshadows in:
Present and Balsam

Meow Eyeshadows in:
Avalanche, and Freezing Rain
Meow Eyeshadows in :
Verdure, and Icebound
No jar pictures :( But from Meows Sugar Plum collection:
The eyeshadows in Nutcracker, Fairy,Fairy, and Vision
Ohio State Sweatshirt
Nightmare Before Christmas Jack santa hat!

Rock forever, By Makeup Forever
Eyeliner pencil set.
Platinum Snow Flake Earrings with my Birthstone gem!
Aqua Marine
Tarina Tarentino Jewelry Box/ Makeup set
Peace, love & Juicy Couture Perfume set!
Katy Perry's new perfume is coming in the mail along with,
Vera wang's new princess perfume!
Makeup Forever Rock Forever's
Eyeshadow Quad!
#306, #307, #82, #07
Purple Fossil Watch

Platinum Earrings
HD Sony Video Camera! Hello Youtube!
Overview of the Meow Eyeshadows I got!
New brushes I received!
Cute new socks I got, with a snowman head on them :)
Cute socks with rabbits head on them!
Philosophy Bath set
Snow Angel Gift set from Philosophy
New Shoes! From Miss me

If you got to the end of this, I commend you. You survived the most picture spam possibly ever! I hope and wish you all a happy new year, and expect a New Years eve party look coming soon!



  1. So much fun stuff! I love pic spam! The WnW Greed palette looks awesome! Actually, so does everything else! You are going to have a lot of fun with all of this stuff!

  2. The greed palette is awesome!! The blueish, purpley, grey shade is gorgeous! And I will have lots of fun! Thank you -X