Friday, December 3, 2010

My Perfect Imperfections Tag

Okay so I really Like This tag going around that you basically give the Three things/ parts on or of your body that you like and dislike. So I will get the bad done with first then on to the positive :) I would love to see your guys opinions on your Perfect Imperfection!

Three things I don't Like:
  1. My Nails: Basically I hate my nail beds! They are lower compared to everyone else's beds! You know the nails that are long but, they are long without the actually finger nail going past the finger? I strive for them and just stopped trying because I know It is unrealistic.
  2. My Body: I have always had a Hate/ Hate Relationship with my body. I used to weigh around 210, and then one summer, mostly because kids at school were constantly making fun of me because of it, I changed that summer and by the end I came out to what I weigh today 127-130. I mean that is considered Skinny because I am 5'10 but I have always wanted to be skinnier. I will tell you I didn't lose it the healthy way and still have the effects of anorexia with me today. Always comparing my body to other girls that have boy friends, and thinking maybe if I was skinnier I would have one. I am getting over that, but it is still a struggle.
  3. My Dark Circles/ Coldsores: These are genetic, but the only thing about my genes that I don't like. The dark circles on my face are pretty severe for being as pale as I am. Cold Sores aren't genetic but you have to kiss someone to catch the virus. In my case my Mamaw kissed me when she had one on her lip and I get them around every picture day ( Lovely, right?), when I am stressed, and when I am actually sick.
Three Things I like:
  1. My skin: I absolutely love my skin!! Not so much how clear my skin is, but the color. I am not trying to be racist but I think is because I always, always, always get picked on at school because of it. And every time someone says "Albino, Casper, Alien" Yes, it effects me but I know for a fact that I wouldn't have it any other way. And if I didn't love my skin all the name calling would be for nothings, and I know that it is worth something because I wouldn't change my lilly whiteness for anything in the world!
  2. My Eyes: I love the shape, color, and size of my eyes! I have big old Baby blue's and I love them! I got them from my German heritage and I am really proud of this feature!! I think I have semi- doe eyes and I love it!
  3. My freckles: I have no freckles anywhere on my body except the bridge of my nose, and I think it is something that makes me unique! My freckles are barely there, in the sense that they are very light, but makes me look younger and more innocent. I love each little freckle no more than the other!
Tell me your perfect Imperfections!!

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