Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Time Is Here Again!!

Thought I would Share some pictures of my holiday decorations with everybody since there is only 6 days till Christmas!! I haven't updating in a while, you can blame school for that, and the most dreadful teacher on the face of the earth, Ms. Sanford. Enough on that topic, I am officially off for Winter break from now till January 3rd!! Well Enjoy the photos and expect a review on a foundation soon!!
I even have Festive Soap.!.!.!.!.!.!.!
Francois Jean-Claude :)

My Adorable dog Buttercup!
A picture of me In the new foundation I have been testing out this week. Makeup Forever HD in 110. Which sadly is too dark for me and I have no choice but to mix not only with white, but with EQUAL parts of white. Review coming soon like I said above. It photographs really well too!

Happy Chrismahannukwanzica !!


  1. awww xmas pictures:D so cute!

    what white foundation are you mixing with it?