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Lime Crime Review: Magic Dusts

So bright, It's illegal
"Lime Crime creates the most intensely pigmented, premierdare-to-wear cosmetics with unmatched color payoff and saturation to create looks as vivid, quirky, and unique as our customers. Distinct colorful packaging adorned with a silver unicorn - our mascot - makes every application a fantastical event." ~ Lime Crime Website

Wow, is all I cans say! I ordered my Magic Dusts when Lime Crime was coming up on what would be the "Height" of their Business, right before they started to sell their famous Lipsticks. I am kind of sad that they Discontinued their Face products and glitters, but I am hoping for great and way better things from them since they are getting to be such a big company.As you will se below I ordered the Magic Dusts in Empress, Cleopatra, Mermaid, And their most famous color, Lime Criminal.

Some Pros & Cons with the Magic Dusts:

Adorable Packaging
Beautiful Colors
Pigmented when used wet or with a base
Tons of product
Doesn't Smudge, or wear off

somewhat pricey
Not very pigmented when used alone

This is what the Packaging looks like, Isn't it cute?!!
Swatches Above from Bottom to top

Empress From Lime Crime is a beautiful Purple that has a blue sheen, as seen in the dry swatch with primer, and when wet this color turns into a true Royal Purple Color. It is great on brown eyes, and Since I have blue eyes It brought of the blue in my eye because of the sheen.
( For each magic dust you buy, It includes a little story, so here is Empresses)
"Show it to her at once!" excitedly squealed the emperor, gesticulating with his pudgy hands wildly. His wife refused to leave the palace for days - unless presented with a gift of such beauty, her 'legs would carry her out themselves'. The Empress had already turned down myrrh, a necklace of rubies and sapphires, and a singing bird with feathers of pure gold. But a silk mantle of brilliant purple, the Emperor knew, would please even the pickiest Empress' fancy."

Swatches above from Bottom to top

Cleopatra from Lime crime would probably be my favorite color out of the four because it makes my eyes look amazing!! I would say the color is a amber/ Copper/ Orange color, with flecks of gorgeous gold sparkles. When wet this color is BEAUTIFUL!! I always get complements when I wear this, good job Lime crime!
"Eighteen year old Cleopatra is banished from Egypt. To sneak back into her castle, she devises a brilliant plan. She is rolled inside a golden rug - a supposed gift for visiting Caesar - and smuggled inside by her faithful servant. Once in Caesar's quarters, servant unrolls the rug to reveal the stunning Cleopatra. Caesar is impressed; not only is Cleopatra bold and cunning, but also undeniably beautiful - much more so than the rug she arrived in. By morning, Caesar pronounces Cleopatra the Queen of Egypt, and the couple begins their scandalous affair which will change history forever."

Swatches From Bottom to Top

Mermaid from Lime Crime is a color that you will literally just stare at your hand for hours admiring how pretty this color is!! I love this color because I am a sucker for a good teal/ Turquoise color. I would describe this color as a a bright Turquoise color with silver sparkles in it. I would definitely say this color is the most pigmented dry with nothing underneath, or mixed in with the pigment.
"The mermaid lived in a creek behind the levee. Each night, when the village lights languished and people were fast asleep, she climbed on top a big rock and sang songs of faeries and unicorns, moonlight dancing on her shiny, green tail."

Swatches from Bottom to Top

Lime Criminal, the infamous color that was named after the company. This is basically a true bright lime green color with a slight golden/ Yellow sheen. When I think of this I instantly think a fabulous lime green criminal robbing a bank and making out with tons of gold loot, which I think explains the color. I don't know, just my way brains way of explaining a color :) I like this color, doesn't absolutely tickle my fancy, but I don't despise it.
( Story)


A colorful girl from the city
Who wished to be ever so pretty
Wore her makeup so bright,
Lock her up you just might,
That colorful girl from the city!

Overall I would definitely recommend Lime Crime to anyone who Loves color, or even is more reserved because the pigmentation wether used wet, dry, or with primer could fit anyones liking of saturation of color. They also are mostly Vegan (ones shown are vegan) and they do not test on animals.
Magic dusts are available at for 12$

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