Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Im going on an Airplane ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈

Well I guess the title should be I went on an airplane :) So let me tell you the coarse of events that occurred on Saturday the day I got on the plane! First get up eat breakfast and get ready. I did my hair which consists of straightening it very carefully, and pulling it over to the side ( Miss cool whip)And then I did my makeup and what not, got dressed and drove with my Parents to the airport. The line to check your bag in was crazy!! So we were in line and in front of us were Italians with, I kid you not, 20 suitcases.... for five people. That took forever, and then my mom and I went through security and I was wearing a baggy jacket so I got a pat down, fun. Then we got something to eat for lunch, and went to go to the terminal. The airline screwed up the terminal number but my mom figured it out. Here is the amazing part. So we go to sit in the terminal seats and In front of us I noticed to guys looking at me. One had Uber blonde hair with blue eyes, and the other older one had brown hair and blue eyes ( both really tall). So I go to board the plane, and was kind of sad I wasn't going to see them ever again, but when I boarded the plane I sat by the window in the row of chairs with three seats and next to them were rows of two. I was the happiest person when I saw them sit in those two seats, even though I was furthest away in my seat from them. Anyway one of them brought a big suitcase to carry on and it was too big so they had to check it, when the attendant asked where their final destination was they said in an adorable german accent " Munich, Germany". I think my heart stopped! I am probably like 30% German, and I was sooo excited! So the older one kept staring at me because he was closest to me than the blonde, and they were talking in German the whole flight!! So when It was time to get off at Atlanta International Airport they were getting off, and they both were staring at me because everyone in the isle ( which they were in) was preparing to get off they said something about my shirt ( I am pretty sure at least because I was wearing a Twilight shirt {Nerd} and I heard them say clear as day Twilight) and they looked at me smiled and said something in german about how pretty I was!!! I MISS MY TWO GERMANS SO MUCH :( I think they came from South Africa in honor of the world Cup. I miss them and will never forget that they made my flying experience a great one * Sigh*. After that the flight went to poo... so don't ask.
Anyways here is what I wore to attract two German

( PSA: My hair is waaaaaaaayyy Blonder than in this picture! Think Swedish Blonde/ platnium)

MUFE Mat velvet in 15
MUFE HD Primer
MUFE Full cover concealer in #2
Physicans Formula Silica Powder green ( cancels out redness)
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in light

MAC Bare Study Paint Pot
MAC E/s in Vanilla ( Brow bone)
MAC E/s in Satin Taupe ( Crease)
MAC E/s in Hey ( Lid)
MAC E/s in Take Wing (Outer V)
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper
FRESH Firebird Mascara

MAC E/s in spell number 9
Laura Gellar Brow Tamer

Soft lips in vanilla with a hint of mint
Benefit L/s In ( mix of two) Good to go, and Ms. Behavin'
Korres Lipgloss in Nude

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