Saturday, April 16, 2011

Make Up For Ever Flash Palette Loveliness...

Bonjour Mon Amies! I thought since I know I had lusted after this forever, until recently ( on my Birthday) I actually got it. let me say first off... I love Make Up For Ever, and I want everything they carry in their range basically. So it was fate, in a matter of time I would get this. I am glad I did! The colors in here are really nicely pigmented, and creamy.. like really creamy. When I got this, I assumed from all of the Blog stalking, that it would be a slightly thicker consistency.. but no, this goes on like bud-da! Their are only I think Three colors that you cannot put on your eyes, because they have a red dye/ pigment in them which is found to aggravate the eyes, and their are three shades you cannot put on your mouth. The Red, Coral, and Pink are the ones not allowed on the eyes, and both of the metallic colors are not lip safe along with the blue.
These will crease if you don't have a base under this, or some sort of primer. It is quite pricey but if you are a Makeup Artist or someone who likes to do all sorts if creative looks, this is well worth it!


  1. Hi Megan - happy birthday - great present! I bought myself the same thing for my last birthday! But it's intimidating, so I haven't really used it yet - hopefully you will post some looks as inspiration!