Sunday, April 25, 2010

Color Theory 101

The wonderful wheel of color!! Color wheels are excellent to have handy while doing your makeup or that of others. It is a part of color theory that the colors opposite to each other are complementary colors, thus having lets say Green eyes red or purple eyeshadows ( even red or purple based ) are complementary to your eye color, and will make them POP! So here is a list of eye colors and complementary colors that go with YOUR eyecolor!
Blue - Redish bronze, Ambers, and golds
Greens - Reds, and Barney purples :D
Hazel - Deep Purples, and blues and pink
Brown - Blues!! all blues even some purples!
Grey - Usually grey is somewhat blue based and is very light try darker colors like Black, Grey and dark greens.

If you are one of the rare people who has duo tone eye colors play around with the two eye colors you were given to make it work for you :)

Eyeshadows for Each color eyes that look exceptional on your eye color!!

MAC ( Blue eyed person speaking): Woodwinked, Amber Lights, and Gorgeous Gold
Urban Decay: Half Baked, Sin, and chopper
NYX: Rootbeer, Walnut, and copper

Mac: Beautiful Iris, Cranberry, and Plum dressing
Urban Decay: Flash, Gash, and Asphyxia
NYX: Red Bean Pie, Violetta, and Luxor

MAC: Freshwater, Moons reflection, and Steamy
Urban Decay: Kiddie Pool, Peace, Adore
NYX: Frosted Ocean, Azur Sky, Autumn Sky

MAC: Parfait Amour, Stars and Rockets, and Club
Urban Decay: Fishnet, Ransom, and Narcotic
NYX: Prune, Sensual, and Beauty Queen

MAC: Club, Greensmoke, and smut
Urban Decay: S&M, Gunmetal, and Cult
NYX: Midnight, Greyish Brown, and exotic green

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