Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Long Awaited Inglot Swatch-Fest: Warms

 So this is going to be a rather quick post. I got through my first week of school, yay, and I am wiped out. I realized how long and over due this post was, considering that I got these Inglot eye shadows in.. May? I'm pretty sure it was may because i remember the first time I wore these eye shadow's it was the day of my AP European History Exam. Any who, so these pictures and swatches are over three months old. Not that bad, but still thought I would let you all know. I am going to try to put up some makeup look I create tonight because My family and I are going out in our city and having dinner at a restaurant called "The Collage". So that should be fun.

On to the eye shadows. So i ordered these shadows off of the Inglot USA website shortly after it launched. I got, I want t say around 15 eye shadows for 5$ a piece, which is almost robbery considering how amazing their products are. After a week they arrived which is relatively quick for my area, and they all we in perfect condition. They came in individual "boxes" for each shadow, and it was love at first swipe. I would say these are better than most eye shadows I have ever tried. I told myself I wish I never had bought my MAC eyeshadow because its almost as if these eye shadows laugh at the MAC ones. With good reason because these apply like butter, and are extremely pigmented. I got a few of the matte shadows, I wish I had gotten more though because I dabbed into each type of eyeshadow finish they carried and I would say the Mattes were by far the best. I will also mention these wee made in Poland, which means that they are extremely good quality. It is almost a rule, if you get some makeup product and it says "Made In Germany" you can almost guarantee that it is the highest quality, because most makeup companies have get their products from the same manufacturers as cheap drugstore brands. In Germany as far as makeup manufacturing goes, they have the the "upper class"manufacturing center compared to other places cosmetics are made. So Poland is right up there with Germany. Last thing I want to say about these are the amount of product you get per gram. 2.7 Grams per eyeshadow. When you compare that to MAC, where you get 1.8 grams for double the price.. why would you even bother to go but MAC anymore? Any sane person wouldn't. I hope you found this somewhat useful, or helpful :)

Another thing! I want to wish the best of luck to those in the projected path of hurricane Irene. I hope you guys are safe, and stay safe throughout the storm. Here in Northern Florida though it was 300 feet off shore we still had some pretty intense rain, and storms. I have gone through many hurricanes in my life, so i can imagine what some people up north and in New England are feeling having never to worry about hurricanes for the most part, and then getting the news that you have to evacuate your houses because a hurricane is coming! I heard the evacuation count is almost 2.3 million now! Stay safe guys and if you are sticking it out in your house, go into the center most room in your house with no windows ( try your pantry) or your basement if it is concrete. If you have neither of those go into your bathtub and take a mattress and put it over your body('s). Good luck once again!


  1. So many pretty colors! I love Inglot! I have a small collection of their shadow and find them so easy to work with! Thanks for the swatches!

  2. They really are beautiful. I want to try some inglot products but I want to get a core base of them ordered first. Any MUST-have basics?