Sunday, March 20, 2011

Glamour Doll Eyes Twi-Shadows Swatches!

As Promised, some swatches of my Glamour Doll Eyes Twi-Shadows! I am sligtly obsessed with vampires, and yes I think twilight the books were amazing.. I think the movie ruined them for me. But I still like the concept! Enjoy the swatches!

Dear Mom, is a nice neutral pink color. I say neutral because I found that it shifts, and can be a cool pink most of the time, but it can look warm. This shade has silver and light pink glitter in it. This is Esme's shade BTW.

This is Alice's shade, and it is loverly! It is a darker plum with gold, magenta and cool blue flecks in it! This looks great over a black base, and on brown eyes to die for!

Family secret is more of a pale silver shade, as I found this out when swatching, and when wet you can really tell.

Black Ice is Rosalie's color, and it is a black with definite silver glitter. Can appear slightly matte though.

Mind Reader is Edward's color from the line, and I loveee this one! By far my favorite! It is basically a dark navy, with some specks in it but appears more matte.

This is Bella's color. It reminds me of MAC Cranberry but richer and deeper and more cool toned. This has purple, and pink flecks in it. 

The Perfect Cure is Dr. Cullen's color, and it is a warmer coco color. It has the lightest green flecks in it too!!

This is really close to "Family Secret" but this is less silver toned. This is more of a "proper" highlight color because it is more white, rather than silver.

Mood Swing is Japers color. I love this one as well. It is so beautiful! It is like a Ghost blue, It is heathery and a medium blue as well. This has Faint blue, and looks like magenta and possibly yellow flecks in it.

This color is very unique. It is Emmett's and It is like a soft, medium, mossy green with green, and peachy flecks in it. Really pretty!

From Left to Right: Skin of a Killer, Family Secret

From Left to Right: Just Bitten, The Perfect Cure, Dear Mom, Big Brother, Mood Swing

From Left to Right: Black Ice, Mind Reader, Premonition, Just Bitten

In Natural Day Light Top to Bottom: Dear Mom, Perfect Cure, Just Bitten

In Natural Light Top To Bottom: Just Bitten, Premonition, Mind Reader, Black Ice

In Natural Light Top To Bottom: Family Secret, Skin Of A Killer, Mood Swing, Big Brother

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