Saturday, May 29, 2010

A couple looks from the past week

A Full face using my newer foundation routine. I had to switch because I recently got my acne Lasered , and I want it to clear up, so I switched up my routine. The treatment actually worked really surprisingly well. It was painful though. She did my forehead first and she told me that since I have the most acne ( Little bumps, not really acne) and the forehead has apparently twice the nerves than any other part on your face. it initially felt like someone flicking you with a rubber band followed by a needle prick. So she did it all over my face, and then lasered my upper lip. Holy moley liquid cannoli. It hurt so bad!! I got it done because after a couple treatments the hair will never grow back. Any way this is my way to try to make myself feel better after the procedure.
This is from Tuesday, when I went to the eye doctors and he told me I am even more blind than I already was. And he dilated my eyes, and said that lighter eyes dilate faster so... I wanted to take a picture, and creep someone out with my demonish cat eyes :) I actually did scare someone at publix, she was a older women and she looked at me like I was possessed!
This is just me messing around with photobucket. I don't know why most people like on makeup alley or some other makeup site say " It looks like you used photoshop". I don't know anyone who actually owns photoshop, It is to exspensive!!
I was actually really happy with how good my lining skills look in this picture! I was very happy, and I lightly lined the bottom lash line with Urban Decays 24/7 liner in Flipside.
Hope you enjoyed my little weeks worth of work... say that 5 times fast! weeks worth of work, weeks work of work...... :)

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